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How to Fail Your Application Letter

Looking for a job of your dream? Once you find it, the task is to get it. Even though there are a couple of fascinating offers, make sure you prepare everything properly. It’ll be sad not to get any of them. If you have at least one of these four mistakes in your application or cover letter, chances you get the position are low. So, let’s see what you should definitely avoid when writing an application letter.

If you want to get the job of your dream, avoid these four mistakes when writing an application letter:

  • Replicating your CV
  • There would be no need to write a cover letter if you could simply copy your resume. The point is to search what the exact company is interested in. Find out what kind of a candidate they are looking for. Only then introduce yourself as their potential worker from that perspective.

  • Writing a memoir
  • You cover letter doesn’t have to be extensive. The more exact and short you are, the more satisfied is HR. Write sharp and powerful statements about the reasons you’re applying for a job and methods you’re going to use while doing it. Explain why you are the best candidate.

  • Using too formal style
  • Do not try to impress HR with super-complex sentences and soulless text. Make a good impression by being friendly and respectful. It doesn’t mean you can forget about the working etiquette at all, just show that you are a smart and responsible person in a different way.

  • Doubting your skills
  • Never you should ever demonstrate diffidence in your application letter. If you don’t believe you can do the job, the HR won’t believe it either. Find the middle between underestimating your strength and overestimating them. Describe your strong sides and experience with confidence.

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    Useful tips for a compelling application letter:

    • Don’t forget about the introduction part, it creates a connection with the reader;
    • Let know you are truly interested in the company;
    • Add your contact information at the end.

    With a little practice, you will complete your masterpiece and get the job. Good luck!