My order form froze; refreshing the page did not help. What should I do now?

Big files might cause such problems. The website will let you attach only the documents of the appropriate format and limited size. Submit the form without attachments at all and email us them instead.

I need to change some details of my order such as academic level/type/urgency/word count. How can I do this?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to edit any details of your order. Therefore, we ask our customers to check the order form carefully before submission. The thing is that any changes in academic type or level, urgency, or word count will influence the price of your order. To get details changed, you will need to pay compensation. Contact our Customer Support; our agent will calculate the new price and help you with placing the compensation order.

Can I order another page for my order?

You can add as many pages to your order as you need. You will simply need to pay for extra pages. You can order pages on your own using the Additional Order option (My Profile — My Orders– Additional Order). Or simply contact our Customer Support Team and they will help you with this request.

When will the writer be assigned? Can I check the status of my order?

The order status is displayed in the corresponding field next to your order. If the order status is Processing and you see an ID in the Writer line, you can be sure that the Writer has been assigned and is working on your project.

Can you send me a draft?

A 1-page draft is a fee-based service. You can add it when making an order or add it later. The writer will send it to you when half of the deadline is over.

I need my writer to revise some parts of my order. How much will it cost me?

As our client, you have a free revision period of 48 hours (up to 30 days for big orders) after the deadline expiration. In such a manner, you will have two days to read your paper and decide on the parts to be improved (if any).

Use a Request Revision option in your profile (My Orders – Completed Orders – Order ID – Request Revision). Add instructions (as detailed as possible), choose the needed deadline, and click on the submit button. If you have issues, feel free to contact our support agents via Live Chat, email, or phone.

Where can I change my email/number/password?

You can edit your contact information and password in the Profile section. Use the Edit Profile option. Ensure you have saved changes.

Will you assign a writer in an hour?

As a rule, the process of assigning the writer will take us a few hours at the most. For complex orders, we might need more time. By all accounts, we will do our best.

If I need a revision when the free revision period is over, can I still request it?

In this case, your revision request will be considered late, and you will have to make a new order. For this order, choose the Revision assignment type.

Can I call my writer?

You can call our customer support agents or communicate with them via Live Chat. To communicate with your writer, use the messaging system available in your personal account.

How can I get my paper?

Login to your personal account and go to the My Orders section. There, use the Files tab located next to the needed order ID to download the file. Also, you can use a download link from the email that will be automatically sent to you once the paper is complete.

Can you pass my online test?

Yes, we can find a writer to pass an online test or exam for you. You can come to our Live Chat to discuss the details with the agent, who will help you place the right order. Or you can simply order an “Online test” type of assignment on your own. In this case, provide all details of your future exam, including the date, time, time zone, duration of your exam, as well as the topic or name of the course. Attach any material you believe useful or important. At the appointed time, the writer will log in using your details and pass the test for you.

Can you help me with my programming task?

Our company strives to expand our service portfolio, and we can do a wide variety of academic projects and tasks. However, at present, we do not do programming and coding assignments.

Will I get any order status notifications?

You will receive an automatic email when the status of your order is changed. In addition, you can be additionally notified via SMS or calls.

Can I check the status of my order?

You can always see the current status of your order in the Status tab next to Order ID. If you see the “Payment Verification” status there, it means that we have not received your payment (proceed with the payment or send us your payment receipt if you already made the payment.).

The “New” status implies your order has been successfully verified and we are looking for the writer. The “Processing” status means that the writer has been assigned and is working on your assignment.

The “Sent” status means the paper is ready and you can download it.

When is my paper ready?

When placing the order, you choose the deadline, upon the expiration of which you will receive your order. Please, carefully check the deadline before submitting the order form. If you decide to change the urgency later, you will have to pay the compensation.

Why am I not able to place the order?

First of all, delete any attachments and try to place your order without them. The thing is that the system has size restrictions; therefore, the possible size of files is limited. Do not worry, send us those materials via email or Live Char and we will forward them to your writer.

Where is my final assignment?

When your assignment is ready, it will be uploaded to your personal account. You can download the final paper from the “Files” tab in the Completed Orders section.

Why does my payment fail? What should I do in this case?

We do not charge money directly but use reliable payment systems. If your payment does not go through, we suggest trying another card or payment method. If it does not help and you still experience issues with the payment, please contact your bank for clarifications and knowledgeable assistance.

Will I get my paper before the deadline if my writer manages to finish it earlier?

The deadline you choose when placing the order is the time we have to prepare a top-notch paper for you. Even if the writer finishes the paper earlier, the editor will need some time to polish your paper. Therefore, you cannot receive your paper before the deadline without compensation for the time difference.

Will you email me my order?

Your paper will be available in your personal account upon the expiration of the selected deadline. You can download it from the Completed Orders sections directly or use a download link from the email you will receive.

I have bought the Supreme Plan. Does this plan allow me to choose a Preferred Writer?

The Supreme Plan and Preferred Writer are different services that can be both added to your order. If you choose the Supreme Plan, you are guaranteed that one of our Top 30 Writers will work on your assignment, the editor will proofread it, and you will receive a detailed plagiarism report with comments. If you want a specific writer to be assigned, you should order this extra service separately. If you choose both options, we will urgently assign your order to that expert and will send you a detailed plagiarism report upon completion.

Why do you ask me to share my personal information (phone number)?

We strongly suggest providing your real phone number. Having a way to contact you in case urgent clarifications are needed will significantly improve our cooperation and thus boost the quality of your paper.

Can you guarantee the confidentiality of our cooperation?

According to our Privacy Policy, the anonymity of our clients is our priority. Neither your personal information nor details of our cooperation will be provided to the third party. To protect the privacy of our clients and our writers, we do not reveal the name and gender of each other to both parties.

Is it only one revision that I can request during the free revision period?

No, you can ask for an unlimited number of revisions during the free revision period.

I need a unique paper. Any guarantees?

We guarantee the uniqueness of your order. Before you can see your paper in your personal account, it will be scanned with the help of our sophisticated plagiarism checker capable of detecting the smallest level of plagiarized content.

Who are you?

We are a team of creative and experienced writers, editors, and support agents. We can find the best expert in your field of study, who will be able to cope with any requirements, academic level, and complexity of your paper.

Can anyone proofread my paper before submission?

If you want your paper to be proofread, you can add a “Get order proofread by editor” VIP service to your order. Its price will be added to the price of the order. With this service, you can be sure that the editor will work on your paper. Upon the deadline, you will be able to download the edited paper.

Can you inform me about the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order on your own using your personal account. To place an order, you need to submit an order form and proceed with the payment. When we receive your money, its ID will appear in the “My Orders” section with the “New” order status. It also means that we have started searching for the most appropriate writer for your order. Once the writer is assigned, the order will acquire the “Processing” status. Once the writer finishes your paper and uploads it to the system, the order status will change to “Sent.” If you want to get immediate notifications about order status changes via personal messages, you can add an extra VIP service “Get SMS notifications” to your order.

I need my order a few hours/days earlier. How can I get it? What should I do?

We work based on the deadline the client sets when placing an order. However, if you made a mistake and chose a wrong deadline or need your paper earlier due to other reasons, contact our Support Team as soon as possible. We can provide paper earlier but you will have to pay compensation to cover the difference between the initial and new deadline. The thing is that a page with a five-day deadline is much cheaper than a page with a 12-hour deadline. This difference is to be compensated in a separate order. Our support agent will calculate the amount to be paid and help you place such an order. Once we receive the money, we will change your deadline, according to which you will receive your paper.

I liked the writing style and attitude of the writer that worked on my previous order. Can I have him write my other orders?

Of course, you can continue your cooperation with the writer. You simply need to add a“Preferred Writer” service to your order and indicate their ID. You can copy-paste the Writer’s ID from your previous order. In such a manner, your paper will go directly to this writer if he refuses, we will inform you and offer another good option. This service will cost you an extra 15%.

I place the order, and what happens next?

Each order passes a standard process. First, you place the order and pay for it. Second, we assign a good writer. Third, your writer studies your topic and writes a paper according to provided instructions. Fourth, your paper is edited and checked for plagiarism. Fifth, you receive the finished assignment. In the meanwhile, you can go about your business. If you need clarifications, you can contact our 24/7 Customer Support.

I need help with a very specific and complex assignment. Can you help?

If you have an assignment that you believe requires a specific expert, you should better share your instructions with us before placing an order. We will ask our Writing Department to find the right writer. Once we have the answer, we will inform you. We have writers for most assignments and will cope with yours, as well.

Why does my payment fail?

If your payment fails, you should try to place the order using a different device, browser, payment method, or debit/credit card. If it does not help, you should talk to your bank directly.

I clicked the submit button and the form turned gray. Now, it keeps loading and nothing happens. What should I do?

The system will not validate your order if you attach too big, unsupported-format, or damaged files. To fix it, delete all attachments and click the submit button again. Once the order is placed, you can try uploading those materials into the Files section of your order on your own. Alternatively, simply email us those files and we will attach them on our own.

I paid for my order; however, the order still has the “Payment Verification” status. What should I do?

If your payment was successful, you had to receive a receipt to your email. Send it to us via email or system messages. Note that the email might appear in the Spam folder. If you received no email, check your bankcard account statement. Maybe, an error occurred, and no money was written-off. In this case, pay the bill again. If the payment process fails, try to use a different card or browser. If all these steps do not help, talk to your bank representative.

I am not sure you have the right writer to cope with my assignment. Can you look through my instructions?

If you forward us your instructions, we will discuss with our writers to determine whether they will be able to complete your assignment or not. When we find the right expert, we will inform you.

Do you need my real phone number or can I use a random one?

We do not demand but strongly suggest sharing your real phone number. We will use this phone number only if your writer requires urgent clarifications or we have some important information for you. Do not worry your private information will not be revealed to a third party.

How long will the refund process take?

Once your refund request is improved, we refund the sum the same day. However, it may take your bank up to five business days to return your money to your bank account.

I want to talk to my writer. How can I do this?

Unfortunately, you cannot talk to your writer in person. We highly value and protect the privacy of not only our clients but also writers. To avoid any information leakages, we do not allow calls between them. For communication purposes, use the messaging system available in your personal account. If you cannot login right now but have urgent information, call us via toll-free phone numbers or Live Chat, and we will forward your message to your writer.

When my paper is ready, where can I download it?

Your paper will be uploaded to your personal account. You can find it in the Completed Orders section, next to the ID of your order. If you experience troubles with finding the needed file or downloading it, contact our Customer Support Team.

When can I have my paper?

Your paper will be provided according to your deadline. The exact number of hours left can be seen in the Delivery tab next to the ID of your order in the Processing Orders section.

Will my writer purchase the article to complete my assignment?

According to our policy, if the assignment requires the use of a specific book or article that is not in free access, the customer is supposed to provide a soft copy of the same.

What should I do if the submission process fails?

First, refresh the page and try to submit the order form again. If it does not help, ensure there are no big files attached. If there are some, try to upload the form without them and email us those files instead.

The writer suggests adding another page to cover the topic of my assignment, how can I order it?

If you want to order another page, you have to place an Additional Order. You can either use an Additional Order button next to the order ID or ask our agents to help you.

I need to have the order deadline cut. Can I have the paper earlier?

The deadline cannot be cut without compensation. To check the amount of the needed compensation, contact our Customer Support team.

What should I do if my assignment is not on the list of possible order types?

If you are not sure what type of assignment to choose, email us your instructions. We will look through the requirements and guide you on the assignment type to choose for your order.

Will you check my paper for plagiarism?

We have a very strict anti-plagiarism policy. Writers are required to write papers from scratch. In addition, we have developed PlagiarismSearch, a powerful checker, which can determine even the lowest percentage of plagiarism. We scan each paper with this software to ensure that your order is authentic. Please note that we do not use such checker as Turnitin since automatically saves the scanned files and, as a result, they cannot be checked twice.

Can you guarantee my privacy?

We value the privacy of our clients. When working with us, you can be sure that your sensitive information will not be shared with a third party.

Will my writer manage to finish my paper on time?

Every writer is required to upload the paper once the deadline expires. Therefore, select your deadline wisely when placing the order.

Can I negotiate the price of my order with someone?

The order price is calculated automatically and depends on the characteristics of your assignment. We offer reasonable prices to make our services affordable for more students. In addition, you can ask for a discount or check our loyalty bonus scheme.

If I want to give some crucial clarification or have an urgent question, how can I contact my writer?

You can message your writer using your personal account concerning any questions and clarifications at any time. If the matter is urgent and you are not sure, when your writer is online, communicate with our customer support team via toll-free phone numbers or Live Chat. We will try to reach out to your writer and forward your requests to him/her as soon as possible.

The website does not allow me to submit the order form. Why does it happen and what should I do?

This delay might be caused by the size or format of the attached files. Try deleting all attachments and submitting the order form again.

I need help with passing my online test that will last for two hours; however, your system does not offer such a deadline. Do you work with such assignments?

Because of the specification of such assignments, we always suggest customers discuss details of their order with our Customer Support before placing the order.

My refund request was approved. Can I get that money as credits to my personal account? Can I use these bonuses to pay for my future orders?

Yes, you can. Inform us about your decision and the whole sum will be transferred to your bonus account. You will be able to use that money to pay for your future orders.

Will you send me the paper when the deadline expires?

When filling in the order form, you have to select the urgency of your assignment. The writer will be obliged to finish your paper on time. Once the paper is ready, the writer will upload it to the system, and you will be able to download it using your personal account.

Can you suggest me choosing the assignment type?

We can help you choose the right assignment type if we have a chance to look through your paper/project requirements. Forward us the file/files with instructions, and we will contact you once we have an answer to your question.

Can I be sure that the paper you prepare will earn me a good mark?

Since professors have different approaches and logic in assessing student papers, we cannot guarantee grades. However, we can guarantee that your paper will be written according to the highest standards and your requirements.

Can you finish my paper earlier?

You can be sure that you will receive your paper within a particular timeframe that you select when placing an order. If you want to cut the deadline, you will need to compensate for the price difference. Only in this case, you will get a finished paper earlier.

Do your writers have enough knowledge, experience, and skills to prepare my assignment?

You should not worry about this since our team consists of the experts in different academic fields that can cope with literally any assignment.

Can you try to find a writer for me before I make an order?

If you forward us your paper instructions, we will ask our Writing Department to offer them to our writers specializing in your domain. If we find a writer ready to work on your project, we will inform you that you can place an order.

How is the price of my order determined?

The cost of an order is determined automatically. The urgency, number of pages/words, academic level, and assignment type largely determine the price. Extra VIP services are also added to the total price of your paper.

Can you email me my paper?

Once your paper is ready, we will forward a download link to the email address you indicated in your personal account. With this link, you will be able to download your paper anytime.

I have already written some parts of my paper, can you proceed and finish it?

Yes, a writer can take over your assignment at any stage. He/she will write the missing parts/chapters and make all elements fit together. If you do not know what length, deadline, and assignment type to choose, contact our Customer Support team.

When is the best time to call you?

We are available 24/7/365 for your convenience. Call us whenever you want.

I have a very urgent order. Can you help?

Yes, we can. Our writers can work under a lot of pressure (limited time, lack of sources, or complicated instructions) and can cope with any urgency. Give us the maximum deadline you have even if it is only a few-hours long. It will be also great if you come to our Live Chat to discuss the details of such an order beforehand.

Can you assign my order to a specific Writer I choose?

If you liked the work of your writer, remember his/her ID. When you place a new order, indicate that ID in the appropriate field. In such a manner, you can be sure that your order will be assigned to the needed expert.

Can I request a free revision of my order if my instructions were not followed?

If the writer failed to write a paper to your initial requirements or omitted some instructions, you can request a free revision within two days (48 hours) upon the paper delivery. However, if you want the writer to add new information; compensation for extra work should be placed.

Can I expect to get the desired grade?

We will do our best to deliver a paper that will earn you the desired grade. However, we cannot guarantee grades for obvious reasons.

Can you send me a plagiarism report for my paper?

If you are concerned with the originality of your papers, you can order “The Plagiarism check” VIP service. If you pick this option while placing your order, you will have a chance to get your texts scanned via, which is a powerful plagiarism checker. This option can be applied to any of your papers within a year for free.