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You know perfectly well what an interview is. It is a conversation between at least two people in which one person asks interview questions, while the other one answers them. The aim of this talk is to find out about one’s opinion on a certain phenomenon or event. You have seen them many times on TV shows or in online publications. But the fact that you are familiar with the concept does not mean that writing an interview paper is an easy task. It requires a lot more expertise than it might seem. But hey, do not worry. This is what we are here for. Grand-Essays.com will help you understand how to write an interview paper, what its structure is, how to format an interview paper, etc. Our company will answer all of your questions and provide you with excellent services if necessary.

What Is an Interview Paper?

When an author uses information obtained from interviewing certain people and describes their points of view on a chosen topic in an essay, it is interview writing. One of the most distinctive features of it is that the sources of information are real people. There is no need to go to a library and look for journal articles or books to cite in the text. When writing an interview paper, you simply have to find an expert in a chosen field or an individual who is knowledgeable about the topic that interests you and collect unique information from them.

The objective of every interview project is to inform the readers about insights on a subject. However, one has to ask proper interview questions to get insights. Then, it is necessary to transform the collected information into an essay. Its length might range widely from 500 to 5,000 words since the number of words largely depends on a professor’s instructions. At times, you might need to write an interview analysis paper too. When you have no idea what questions should be asked or how to write a paper about an interview, you can get writing help from Grand-Essays.com.

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How to Write an Interview Paper: Pre-Writing Stage

Creating such a work requires preparation from you. For starters, it is crucial to select a decent topic that you are interested in and could write the text about with conclusions that have some value. Second, you have to do some research and find an individual who is well versed in the chosen topic and can have a meaningful dialogue with you. Other stages to prepare for interview writing are as follows:

  • Make sure you understand the professor’s instructions. This is key to how to produce your work well and get a high grade. Just good writing is worthless unless it meets the requirements.
  • Ensure your topic is specific enough. If it is either too narrow or too broad, both interview writing and conducting will be a real pain in the neck.
  • Arrange a meeting with the expert. Set up the time, date, and place to meet with your interviewee. If you talk online, agree on the software you will use.
  • Look into your interviewee’s background. It is especially important if you are to conduct a personal interview. People are likely to be annoyed if interview questions concern information that is publicly available.
  • Make sure you know how to format an interview paper and what its structure is. It will help you to be more focused during the conversation with the expert.
  • Find out what type of paper you are to write. It might be a narrative interview, career interview, etc.
  • Create a list of good interview questions and make sure they are posed in a formal manner.

Although you will not have to spend time in a library before interview writing, you will still need to do a lot before even start writing the first draft. Below, we share tips on how to write an interview paper and what steps to take. But if you already think that this assignment is a bit too much for you, you can use our interview paper writing service. Many students buy interview papers from Grand-Essays.com and enjoy outstanding results, which are possible thanks to our writing professionals.

How Do You Write an Interview Paper: A Step-by-Step Guide

If your interview questions are ready, the expert and topic are selected, and the date and time are set, you can proceed to the actual execution of the task. Here is how you should proceed:

Identify the purpose of the paper

Before meeting an interviewee, decide what you want to reach while writing the essay. Do you want to write a portrait of the person to whom you are talking? Do you need to tell the story and will write a narrative interview essay? Will you focus on one’s success and create a career interview essay? The purpose determines the type of paper you will need to compose.

Research the subject matter

It is an optional step, of course. But our writers, who specifically provide interview paper writing service, recommend it strongly. With background knowledge about the topic at hand, talking and writing the paper will be much easier.

Conduct a face-to-face conversation

In the process, things will go smoother if you rehearse interview questions before the meeting. Be sure to tell the interviewee how long the discussion will be and how it will work.

Ask for consent before recording and take notes

Recording the conversation will make the writing process and the articulation of ideas easier and better. If the interviewee does not allow to record, take notes during the conversation.

Create an outline and the paper

After transcribing the talk, create an outline of the essay. It will help you complete the task faster and without omitting any major points. Then, write the paper itself.

Cite sources well

Like any other essay, this essay requires citations of any sources that were used to complete the task. Otherwise, it will be considered plagiarism. Cite everything you have consulted, including the conversation itself.

Proofread your paper

Once you are done with the content, give it some rest. Come back in a while to edit and proofread it. You may also order proofreading by an editor from us.

If you follow these steps, you can quite successfully write a paper. However, if writing is not your thing and you would rather avoid spoiling a good personal interview with bad writing, you can use our help. Our interview paper writing service will meet your and your professor’s expectations, and it will not cost you a leg.

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Outline and Structure of an Interview Project

As explained above, one of the steps in how to write a paper on an interview is creating an outline. The latter should reflect the structure of your future essay and serve as a guide for you while writing. The structure of this type of paper is based on the general principles of academic writing. It should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Here is what these parts should contain:

  • Introduction. This section should provide the context necessary to understand the paper. Include background information about the interviewee, the topic you discuss, its importance, and a thesis statement.
  • Body. It is the biggest part of the paper, and it should focus on the actual conversation. It can take various formats. In some cases, it can be a story consisting of several paragraphs. Alternatively, the body might directly contain the interview questions and answers to them. The structure of this part largely depends on the instructions for the essay.
  • Conclusion. It must restate the thesis statement and summarize all the main insights gained over the course of the talk.

Writing an Interview Paper: Choose the Correct Type

Before writing an interview paper, it is essential to determine what kind of essay you need to create. There are several types of interview essays, but we will tell you about the four most commonly ordered from our interview paper writing service. You will certainly recognize the one that you need to complete.

Narrative Interview Essay

In a narrative interview essay, a personal interview should be transformed into a speech or story. You will have to write from the first- or third-person perspective. The point is to make the interview very engaging, which makes writing a narrative interview a rather complicated task. The author should be really creative to make the paper sound nice.

Career Interview Essay

A career interview essay means that a student has to discuss a certain profession, which is related to their major. During the career interview, it is necessary to ask questions about the job routine, application process, job peculiarities, as well as the necessary steps in personal and professional development to reach success. The aim of the career interview essay is to provide a full overview of someone’s professional path.

Personal Interview Essay

Usually, this type of essay is written in a question-answer format. It is possible to use direct quotes in it. In addition, its tone can be either formal or informal. First- or second-person’s perspective can be used in this paper.

Leadership Interview Essay

This paper should be based on a personal interview with a leader. It can be, for example, a businessperson, city mayor, or congress member. The content should offer a viewpoint on leadership. When creating this text, it is crucial to be careful with the interpretations of the leader’s words.

How to Format an Interview Paper in APA without Mistakes

Regardless of whether you write a narrative interview essay, or any other type of paper, it should have a proper format. Otherwise, the impression about the content will get spoiled, and you will lose points for no good reason. If you have to create the paper in APA, here is what you should double-check before submitting it:

  • The font is Times New Roman of 12 points.
  • A title page contains the title of the paper, your and your professor’s name, the name of your school, class, and due date.
  • The spacing is set to double.
  • Margins are the same on all sides of the paper.
  • The title and subheadings are correctly capitalized.
  • Page numbers are present on all pages.
  • All in-text citations are in place.
  • The reference list contains all the sources that you have consulted.
  • The text is left-flushed.
  • Paragraphs are indented.
  • Subheadings are organized according to the APA’s levels.

Reliable Interview Paper Writing Service Online

Such an assignment requires a lot of preparation and planning beforehand. In addition, it has to be done according to the set deadline. These are the main reasons why students decide to buy interview papers. If you also want to take advantage of writing services, you are free to order from Grand-Essays.com. The reputation of our writing service is positive because we appreciate our customers and offer them numerous benefits:

  • We work only with professional writers who are dedicated to their job. They possess vast writing experience, which means that they can cope with any writing assignment. They work only within their specialization too. So, your order will be completed by an expert qualified in your field of study.
  • The content that we provide you with will be exclusive and will not contain any plagiarism. After a writer finishes their work, we scan an essay for plagiarism and make sure it is original. As a part of writing services, you may also get a plagiarism report for a small additional fee.
  • Our prices are fair. Considering the high quality that we offer, our prices are pretty reasonable. It means that you will be able to buy interview papers from us without overburdening your budget. In addition, as our client, you will save money thanks to our regular discounts.
  • Within two days after the order completion, all our clients have a right to ask for a free revision if the initial instructions were not followed by the assigned writer.
  • We also guarantee full client confidentiality. We will never disclose your personal information to any third party.
  • No matter how short or long the deadline for your essay is, we will meet it because we are a reliable service.
  • We work round-the-clock to make sure you can buy assignments anytime you need them, receive qualified assistance, and improve your academic performance.

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How to Buy Interview Papers at Grand-Essays.com

Our clients find ordering procedure on our website fast and easy. So, if you want to buy interview papers from Grand-Essays.com, here is how it works:

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Fill in the order form. Give us all the guidelines and requirements. Attach additional materials if you have them. Provide us with valid contact details.

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Using a credit card, go through the payment procedure. When the payment is verified, we will assign a suitable writer to provide you with writing services.

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The assigned writer will study all the order details and write the essay according to your guidelines. In case the writer has any questions, they will contact you directly. You can contact them too in your account on our website.

4. Delivery according to the deadline.

Download the final paper from your account at Grand-Essays.com and enjoy the results.

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