5 Top-Notch Summer Jobs for Students

Almost all people involved in education have the summer off. That means that both students and teachers are in need of something to do. While educators can probably afford to relax and go on a holiday, broke students might need to find a paying job to cover the bills. Here is the list of five jobs that can bring both fun and some ever-necessary cash.

Summer Camps

If the very thought of looking after rowdy kids puts you off, this option is probably not for you. However, those with steady nerves and love for children may enjoy organizing summer adventures. There are some great national institutions as well as options abroad. Possible positions include coaches, mentors, activity leaders, and even office stuff. You can also choose a camp connected to your personal interests, like Lord of the Rings, space, or sports. (more…)

Why Does Your Professor Dislike You?

Why Does Your Professor Dislike You

When I began my studying at college, there was one professor who I was absolutely sure didn’t like me at all. I supposed that he used all the red pens he had to mark my writing compositions. In addition, he always called me out when I was not ready with my reading. I was convinced that he bore a grudge against me. It seemed as if he could even read my thoughts. However, at the end of the semester everything changed. He started complimenting my writing and not with sarcasm. At that moment, I realized that he wanted to help me to become a better writer, not to rip my self-esteem. (more…)

Develop Good Study Habits to Succeed in College

Develop Good Study Habits to Succeed in College

Best Advice for Social Work Students

Good grounding and full information help social work students to achieve higher results with less stress and ado. We polled network users with good study habits to ascertain what skills and practices can help the beginners. The main points are presented below. Read and take good note of them. (more…)

Learning how to Wake up Early in College

Learning how to Wake up Early in College

I believe that waking up early in the morning can set the tone for a perfect day. For example, a calm morning may give you the feeling of relaxation. In addition, busy morning may make you energetic till the end of a day. A morning that starts with a healthy breakfast may make you feel good until it is a bed time. (more…)

How to Have Fun and Keep up with Studying in College

Have Fun and Keep up with Studying in College

College is a complex phenomenon, so it should never be reduced to just studying. However, the quality of your academic performance is still a determining factor of your college success. Sometimes studying can become too tedious, and in this case, you need to spice it up a little bit. Here are the ways you can have more fun while studying. (more…)