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 Vacation  October 4, 2017  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest

Spectacular Cartoons for Spending Evening Interestingly

If you decide to google “the most enjoyable cartoons ever”, there is no doubt that you will find the following cartoons on almost every list. So, pick out one of them and have the best evening together with your nearest and dearest! How to Train Your Dragon Can you imagine that I have watched this […]

 Vacation  September 25, 2017  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest

Top 5 Libraries of Famous Universities

If you think that books and libraries are outdated, think again! If we compare the digital world to the world of physical books, you will see two major differences. Firstly, not all books are scanned and therefore available in the digital world and secondly, you can never compare a smell and the feel of the […]

 Letter Writing  September 19, 2017  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest

How to Fail Your Application Letter

Looking for a job of your dream? Once you find it, the task is to get it. Even though there are a couple of fascinating offers, make sure you prepare everything properly. It’ll be sad not to get any of them. If you have at least one of these four mistakes in your application or […]