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Studying in a college or university is not a piece of cake. A student is obliged to handle so many things at once: write essays and research papers, meet deadlines, socialize, deal with at least some basic chores, look for internships, etc. Writing a dissertation is like the last straw that may break student’s determination and patience since composing any of dissertation chapters is extremely tiring and burdensome process that requires a huge amount of time and efforts.

Writing Dissertation Chapters

Indeed, the responsibility and frustration that comes with the necessity to complete a dissertation are enormous. It is not surprising that many encounter issues even at the initial stages of writing, i.e., when organizing a dissertation chapter outline or planning a methodology chapter. However, there is an alternative to having sleepless nights or a failing grade. One may resort to hiring dissertation writers at Grand-Essays.com and receive excellent dissertation chapter help. In fact, our writers are ready to give a helping hand even right now. So, here is a short dissertation chapters guide explaining how to organize a dissertation and write section after section.

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Section 1: Introduction

This section of a dissertation is not much different from that in a usual research paper. It implies presenting a topic and providing some background information on it, explaining the importance of discussing it, stating the purpose of the paper, and formulation research questions and hypotheses that are to be validated. The writing should be as engaging as academic writing allows in order to captivate a reader.

Section 2: Literature Review

It is an essential thesis chapter that comprises all the data that a student finds with regard to own topic. To write it, one has to look for relevant and credible scholarly sources, read them, analyze and compile a chapter that will guide the further development of the research. It might be organized chronologically or thematically.

Section 3: Methodology

“Methodology” is one of the most important dissertation chapter titles that a student will have to write. In very simple terms, this part of the dissertation is a sort of plan of all the work that is to be done in order to answer research questions. This section requires determining a design of the research as well as selecting a specific method of collecting data and justifying the choice using evidence from the literature review. In addition, a student should explain how the collected data will be analyzed. These are basic elements that should be discussed in this chapter of a dissertation.

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Section 4: Results and Analysis

At first, it might seem that this part of dissertations is not really about applying critical thinking but rather about demonstrating an ability to arrange, sort, and present information effectively. Well, partially, it is the truth, as a student should use tables, graphs, charts or other visuals in order to show the raw data gathered in a compelling way. Later, however, this information should be analyzed, which is particularly difficult and requires application of analytical and critical thinking skills.

Section 5: Discussion and Conclusion

Finally, one should make solid conclusions drawn from the results and their analysis and tie them to the previous research or, in other words, put own findings in the context. It means that a student should draw lines between the information in the literature review and own work and explain why these lines are either parallel or overlapping. Lastly, the suggestion for further research should be included.

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