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Same-Sex Marriages

Same-sex marriage is a rather controversial topic since it spurs a lot of debates between the people and leads to various disputes. One of the major debates in the United States deals with the recent legalization of the same-sex marriages throughout the country and the reaction of the population on the new legislation. Although same-sex […]


Event Report

Effective Science Communication Today, communication is a common element of everyday life of millions of people. It is impossible to live without communication. One of the most significant elements of it is science communication. According to Boon (2014), “At its most basic, science communication is defined as sharing science-related topics with non-experts.” Information presented at […]


Sociological Imagination

Introduction According to C. Wright Mills, the concept of sociological imagination highlights the view that one’s situation is directly connected to the history and characteristics of one’s society. The concept of sociological imagination requires individuals to think outside their immediate personalities and link their problems to the happenings in the society. Therefore, the concept of […]