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A civil war is an armed struggle between social classes in one country during the revolution. A civil war brings only harm to the country. The aim of the civil war, as a rule, is to seize the power in the country or in a particular region. All classes of civilians are involved in a civil war. Although the Civil War was a disaster for the United States, it triggered some changes in the future viewpoints of Americans.

The American Civil War began in 1861 and ended in 1865 (“The Civil War: Facts, Events & Information”). The North and the South had different economic systems and their own ways of living. The economy of the Northeast and Midwest was based on free farming, industrialization and the development of transport systems, and commerce. Nevertheless, the state law forbade slavery. Of course, industrialization and the great influx of European immigrants, mostly of Irish, British and German origin, led to the accelerated growth of the population of these states. On the other hand, the economy of the South was based on the concept of slavery. The southern cities were significantly less developed than the northern industry. To my mind, they could have helped each other and avoided the War. The North and the South could have solved all their problems together. However, the history informs us of the opposite. The war was inevitable at the time, and it is our job to extract a lesson out of it, so that all those sacrifices do not turn out to have been for nothing. Slavery was one of the issues that led to the disruption of the union (“Causes of the Civil War”). Another issue was the uncompromising differences between the free and the slave states (McPherson). The southern states had the desire to extend their slavery politics to the north, and it was one of the main causes for the American Civil War. Of course, some other issues only aggravated the already complicated relations between the North and the South. There were contradictions between the political parties, abolitionism, local patriotism, nationalism, territorial expansion, economic crisis, and economic modernization in the prewar period. In my opinion, there were a lot of problems but as they were created by the people from one country, they could have been discussed and eliminated peacefully.  In fact, the US Constitution did not mention slavery in any of the chapters. The slave owners of the South had the right to represent their views in Congress reinforcing their position. In addition, they used the responsibilities of the federal government to suppress domestic unrest to combat slave revolts. The slave trade was not illegal in the U.S. for another twenty years, and southerners used this loophole in the Constitution for further strengthening of slavery. They massively used slave labor on their large plantations.   


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Certainly, slavery was a great problem and one of the reasons for the start of the Civil War. However, there were some other significant causes of the war. The northern states needed raw materials from the southern states, especially cotton, and the southern states wanted the machines and the industrial progress of the North. The situation worsened when the North tried to make taxes as high as possible in order to protect its own industry, and the South wanted to trade freely with the world. Two different economic regions coexisted peacefully for a long time. However, the controversy grew gradually. Then there came a point when President Lincoln announced that from that day on all new states would be free from slavery in future. For the southern states it meant remaining in minority in Congress.

To summarize, the Civil War was the bloodiest period of the U.S. history. More citizens of the United States died in this war than in any other war in which the United States participated. I am quite sure that the American Civil War was a great impetus for the beginning of the great change in the country, which led to a huge economic progress, industry development, etc. And despite the horrible losses this war inflicted, we do not know what the modern USA would be like now if there was not a war. I support the opinion that slavery was the most important cause of the war.

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