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Recent years women in various parts of the world have claimed that they need equal rights and equal treatment with men. This has often elicited debates in all aspects of the society. Various governments even included articles in the constitution to protect the rights of women who have often been regarded the weaker gender. The issues of gender equality have however faced various challenges especially in patriarchal societies. The gender equality debate started in the 19th century when people began to claim that women also had rights. These demands were led mainly by feminist groups that were advocating women to be allowed to do all other things that their male counterparts were doing especially in public life. The gender movements came in three different waves that compelled bureaucrats, lawmakers and court administrators to start putting measures in order to consider the rights of women. After years of struggle for gender equality, women have finally made a huge progress on handling their issues in all sides of the society, whether it is political, social, cultural or economic aspect, as shown in this paper.


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Gender equality has been a raging discussion for several years. It is however important to note that women are more equal to men today than it was a few years back. Today, women are actively involved in political leadership of many countries. It is known fact that women become appointed as heads or states, heads of companies, legislators and judges. This gives the evidence that women have been allowed to exercise their political rights and also get into leadership positions. For the past few years several women have been largely supported for assignment to influential political offices. For instance, in 2008 Hillary Clinton effectively competed with Barack Obama in the Democrat Primaries for the position of the USA President. She was a very strong candidate, and that shows how strong women have become regarding gender equality. Other women have successfully led their nations and come out with impressive results, e.g. Angela Merkel has served as the German Chancellor for three terms; she has brought her country to greater achievements.

In terms of education, women have worked very hard towards academic accomplishments, though when were never allowed even to attend school before. Today women are leading researchers and academicians worldwide.  There are a number of women professors who teach in universities along with those who head various research institutions. Women also hold the posts of chairpersons in various businesses and undertakings. The level of education that women have received has enabled them to receive financial independence. It therefore means that many women today do not depend on men to provide for their needs. Some of the women earn even higher salaries than that of men. This has proven that women and men are equal.

Culture has always been at the core of gender inequality for several decades. Women were viewed by society as expensive things that should be married off to earn wealth for their families. This school of thought has since changed. Today women are highly respected in civilized states; girls are given education and are allowed to work in areas that were previously the reserve of men.  Today we have police women, women soldiers, women pilots, and women drivers. Women are doing well in their jobs and are no longer stereotyped as belonging to the weaker gender. Feminist groups are also out advocating women’s right. Any practices that demean women are today punishable in law courts. 


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The evidence above therefore, proves that in today’s realias  gender equality is a very important factor that has been finally embraced by the human society. Women are no longer treated as the inferior gender but as equals with men. Gender equality has changed style of life of our world. Women have been empowered, and with the impressive work that women have done globally this has enabled various world economies to grow.

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