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Write an Outline for the Research Paper

Paper outline is considered to be important for any research paper. It helps to structure writer’s thoughts and ideas prior to writing the research paper. Research paper is always targeted at the detailed scientific research work that can show that the writer is willing to find the correct solution to the discussed problems and use scientific methods and approaches. In other words, paper outline is a skeleton of your future research paper. However, most students have no idea how to write an outline.

It is recommended to split your paper into small parts so as to remain organized and not to forget anything important. Moreover, when you look at your paper outline, you will feel relief since your research paper will not seem to be so perplexing anymore. In addition, you can dedicate a day to each part of your paper and it will help you to meet all your deadlines.

Tips on Outline Structure

Structure of the outline remains the same for all research papers. Usually it is similar to the research paper itself. In order to find out more information on the outline structure, you are free to check out the samples provided for elementary students. Literary essay outline can be also helpful for you. Despite the fact that outlines have a slight difference in their structure, the main parts remain unchanged and they are as follows:

  • Introduction part
  • Body part
  • Conclusion part

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Now, it does not seem to be that difficult. However, you should remember that each part has to include particular information for your potential readers.

Introduction is considered to be one of the essential paper parts. It should present the topic and attract readers’ attention. The main paper components should be mentioned in the introduction part. Do not forget about thesis statement, topic explanation, and main terms used in the paper.

Body usually consists of more than one paragraph. Writer should present the main arguments that support the thesis statement. After the introduction is written, the methodology is usually provided next. It describes the ways a writer used to conduct the research work. It is also vital to state the investigation purpose in the introduction part.

Literature review is also recommended to include in the research paper. In order to back up the hypothesis and all the theories used in your paper, a writer should mention literature sources used during the research work. Literature review proves that the writer is willing to properly use the terms and theories. You should also show that your work makes a contribution to the already existing research.

Then you should provide data and analysis. You are free to include your results received after the research work. Graphs and tables can be included in this section. Pros and cons of the research should be mentioned as well.

Conclusion is the last part of every research paper. Make sure you do not include new details in conclusion. Provide a short summary of your paper and restate your thesis statement. You can also write about the future research prospect.

Last Recommendations

Select the topic of your research paper that is of great interest to you. Create an outline that will help you write an excellent research paper.