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Q2. Advertising plays a significant role in establishing any brand on the market because it is the cornerstone of the successful communication with customers. The same principle applies to Real California Cheese brand. To be more specific, the brand’s personality and advertising campaign were developed taking into consideration customers’ preferences and emotional features. As a result, California Milk Advisory Board managed to elaborate and conduct exceedingly fruitful and persuasive ad campaign, which encouraged people to purchase only Californian cheese. For instance, CMAB considerably enhanced the brand awareness by means of various radio and television ads as well as those placed in magazines and newspapers. The target audience had gradually learned more about the brand and the message of its positioning. The organization decided to influence the target audience through the emotional approach. To clarify, the organization applied humor in order to encourage people purchase the local brand production. In 1995, a famous and influential ad campaign “It’s the Cheese” was created. Its main idea was that people came to California with the purpose to enjoy its cheese; thus, the campaign introduced a simple message, namely, “California cheese is great cheese.” This approach of advertising the company performs a significant role since it attracts the new clients, which, in turn, leads to the increase of the company’s financial benefits.

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During the implementation of the ad campaign, the organization followed such cognitive and affective objectives of Communication Effects Pyramid as awareness, comprehension, trial, and preference. As a result, the sales of cheese with the mark of the Real California Cheese brand notably increased. It had lasted for 5 years until the organization altered the positioning direction and meaning. Thus, CMAB deployed an utterly new creative approach and enhanced the message by explaining why California cheese is a perfect choice, especially for Californian citizens. Therefore, well-designed ad campaign contributed a lot to the establishment of the Real California Cheese brand as well as the enhancement of the customer’s awareness of the product. 

Q3. It is necessary to describe Trial and Awareness as terms. Above all, Trial is a crucial stage in the selling process which is aimed at establishing an attitude of the target audience to the product positioned. In turn, Awareness is one of the primary ad objectives in the process of product presentation; it is called to provide relevant information about the product. Thus, in generating Trial and Awareness of Real California Cheese, sales promotion plays an important role. The reason is that sales promotion consists of all necessary practices for creating these objectives, such as determination of the target audience, goal setting, choosing the Mix, elaboration of a message, implementation, and tracking. The customer promotion tactics considerably facilitated advertising and trade promotion. To clarify, Special Pricing, Sampling and Free gifts intensified trade promotion and supported ad campaign. Free Gifts and Special pricing enhanced customer loyalty while Sampling increased consumer interest. Such tactics are necessary as a customer needs to feel direct contact with the brand. Sampling provides people with an opportunity to try a product without any risk of losses. After that, an individual’s attention would be quickly grabbed by a new commercial. Besides, customers would be more loyal during decision-making process. Special Pricing affects consumers during their decision-making prompting them to purchase the product due to the discount. Free Gifts, such as giving an additional amount of the product for free or providing the customer with special coupons with various benefits, extensively improve customers’ loyalty encouraging them to track the latest novelties and innovation of the brand. Hence, the customers become more sensitive to the effects of ad campaigns and positioning messages.

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