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The history of online business also referred to as e-commerce dates back to 1991 commercialized Internet usage that led to the entry of many industries in online trading. It took nearly four years to develop security protocols and DSL, which gave way to a rise in individual and companies interest to access and connection to the Internet. Online business refers to the type of activity done over the web. It trades mainly through its online business fronts, which are websites, and blogs where any goods and services acquired online one can pay off through electronic payment services. Since online companies practically handle the computer and other gadgets that have access to the Internet, it has led to cost saving by individuals and enterprises in rent and staffing. This paper identifies and explores MAR supermarket as an example of an online business, reflects the need for a proper data storage and retrieval system as well as identifies the best storage method for the supermarket data and electronic preservation method best suited for it.

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Objectives of MAR Supermarket

The online supermarket is the core issue of my choice because of its diverse clientele base. Online selling will provide a new extra channel through which people can advertise and push the products regardless of which they are. Another goal is to diversify its clientele since the Internet has made the world a global community. Improving business processes is also an objective of running MAR supermarket, which is through the integration of supply chains, in-time inventory, accounting systems and online sales.

Functions of an Online Supermarket

The primary job of online supermarkets is to notify and sell goods and services to customers who prefer online shopping. Its purposes are to post all its goods on the businesses website allowing its customers to browse through a large number of merchandisers easily picking what they would want to acquire. After the client has chosen what they want, the sales system directs them on the mode of payment of the selected items. The final arrangements are complete with the delivery of goods to the customer.

Importance of Data Storage and Retrieval Systems in MAR Supermarket

Data storage and retrieval refers to a systematic process of collecting data and cataloging them so that they can be easily located and displayed when required. This system is of importance in MAR supermarket for various reasons. The first is in regulatory compliance since in the event of an audit the tax information should be readily available. Second, data storage and retrieval systems reduce storage space requirements and labor cost. They also aid in the provision and monitoring of internal controls to deter waste, fraud, and abuse as well as ensuring that the supermarket complies with information privacy requirements. Finally, the system enables efficiency and productivity in that it decreases the chances of misfiled data as well as speeding the information storage and retrieval process.   

Reasons for the Need of Online Access to Data for a Supermarket to Its Customers

Customers are the very goal of a business’s existence so it is important for the company owner to allow access to data for its clienteles to create an environment of openness so that they can make the selection of their needs. It also enables customers to modernize their goods and services in the store.


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Challenges Faced by MAR Supermarket without Proper Data Storage and Retrieval Systems

The various problems facing the supermarket for lack of proper data storage and retrieval system include:

  • Need to allocate money for filling equipment and storage space.
  • Decline in workforce productivity.
  • The possible collapse of the business in case of not suiting to government compliance requirements.
  • Inaccessibility of data required for decision-making.
  • The loss of goods through theft, which goes unnoticed due to lack of a proper storage system.

Data Quality Implementation into the System

Once there is a sanctioning of the data quality management initiative, the particular data and priorities should be subjects of discussion. A plan is thereby set its purpose being to achieve successful data quality implementation in online supermarkets. There are four steps included in the process, and they are the following.

Data Profiling

Data profiling refers to the procedure of getting an understanding of the existing data and its relation to the quality specification. It entails the analyzing of all the products in the supermarket to know if there are others excluded from the database. Understanding the constituents of a product is vital in performing the analysis. Furthermore, data accuracy is also another factor to take into consideration. Another discovery that may arise during profiling is if there is less or too many data.

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Data Quality

In this step, the main problems concern the understanding of building the information from data profiling. Data quality uncovers the symptoms rather than the different representations of any product and its inconsistencies in the information. The value of the acquired data shows how to outline valid domains. After the identification of such problems, one can use different to handle the issue depending on the business area that is responsible for the information. Data quality is however not responsible for the identified data problems that have.

Data Integration

Data about one particular product might often exist in many databases. Recognizing that the same customer exists in both the two cases is the first challenge faced in data integration the second being the combination of data into a single view of the item, a process known as consolidation. Data integration aids in combining the collective data with other records pertaining one product across the two different systems.

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Data Augmentation

Data growth entails the incorporation of external information with no relation to the base data. At times, to increase the understanding of the customers buying potential, it is common to combine data from third parties with the internal one. The segmentation of the customers is more efficient in the effort of identifying specific opportunities by combining data from particular clients with that information.

Storage Technologies

MAR supermarket will use the Direct Attached Storage technology. This form of storage technology is the best for an online supermarket because it uses a scale-out architecture that applies distributed processing with costs that are lower and off the shelf servers. For lower latency, it can also split randomly distributed files across the cluster without shared storage.

MAR Supermarket’s Electronic Information Preservation Method

I am convinced that Onward Migration preservation system is an effective method for online supermarkets because of the changing trends in the manufacturing of the hardware/software of computers. It is convenient since the archives had transferred to upgraded hardware, the original record’s preservation content would remain even though it will not have its original feel and look. There are limited chances of data loss and information hack.

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Search Facility Appropriate for Online Supermarket

To my mind, the crawlers search skill in MAR supermarket business is the most suitable. These search services are adequate for the industry since they use a “crawler” or a “spider” in searching the Internet. The crawler digs through all individual web pages extracting keywords then proceeds to add them to the search engine’s database. As the supermarket has many pages, it will be convenient to use crawlers because it digs through many pages as it is easy to use.

The Need of Web Crawling in Online Supermarket System

Web crawling will be essential in the MAR supermarket’s system because it monitors web pages that are of interest, it supports global search engines, it connects with potential competitors, and it collects emails for phishing or spamming.

Type of Web Mining Used in MAR Supermarket’s System

The appropriate mining category for MAR supermarket will be content mining. This approach suits, because it entails the extraction of useful information by the search engine from the web content. The search program then delivers the acquired result to the coordinate effect of the search engine. Search engine optimization methods regularly increase a web page’s delivery to the search engine queries.


In this era, online business has become a tendency and has risen considerably over the years. The demand for people seeking for online goods and services has led to the increase in online industries. So far it is evident that data storage and retrieval systems play a vital role in online businesses hence the need for employment or consultation with IT experts to guide beginners on the rules about what you must do and what you must not do when it comes to online trading. Data storage and retrieval systems in MAR supermarket should be efficient because the Government requires an organization’s information for tax audit purposes failure to which the business might not be ready. Moreover, data quality implementation is also vital in solving information inconsistencies.

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