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The United States has one of the most developed legislative systems in the world. The labor legislation is one of the branches and regulates relations among individuals and organizations. At the same time, this legislation enables the presence of labor unions for creating a great mechanism of contradiction to the despotism of some labors. There are also professional organizations that define needs of workers in their specific industries for the protection of their treatment, insurances, and payments. However, laws, acts, and codes may be used for various purposes of different sides. Any kind of manipulation may take place in cases of various appeals to the legislation. This essay is aimed at considering main labor codes, acts, and laws, observing situations concerning labor relations in some organizations and suggesting relevant changes in the legislation.

Laws, Codes, and Regulations

The National Labor Relations Board is one of the federal agencies that observes charges and completes investigations for safeguarding employees on the basis of the existing break of the law with appeals to the legislation. As a result, the Board may help to evaluate a complaint and send it further.


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The National Labor Relations Act

It is the general legislation that helps to define and regulate relations among employers, labor unions, and organizations. These relations require regulations because of the wish of employers to reduce the contradiction of unions against the existing relations between the employer and the employee that may lead to the failure due to burdening or obstructing commerce (National Labor Relations Board, n.d.).

The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959

The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act is the civil law that enables equal rights of all employees and establishes dues, fees, and assessments. The Act requires the usage of reports for the evaluation of relations with the help of the participation of union officers, employees, and labor-relations consultants. Moreover, it enables mechanisms of investigations relating to criminal behavior and prohibitions of some disciplines (U.S. Department of Labor, n.d.). Therefore, this Act also addresses rights of people according to the federal and state laws.

1947 Taft-Hartley Substantive Provisions

This regulation has helped to improve the existing labor legislation for the protection of laborers from illegal or relevant acts or initiatives of labor unions. The legislation regulates the amount of complaints and strikes of the labor unions with a view to keeping income of employees and maintaining relevant business stability of organizations. As a result, the amendments have helped to protect not only employees, but they also regulate participation of the labor unions in the business life of the organization (National Labor Relations Board, n.d.).

Union Relations in the Airlines Industry in the United States  

Labor regulations may apply to different industries that may use them and appeal to needs of employees and employers. Laws and regulations organize connections and acts within the limited number of labor unions and industries in general. In this regards, this essay is aimed at considering the relevance of regulations aimed at the laborers’ protection within the airlines industry. The research considers information and recent cases within the airlines industry in the United States of America. At the same time, relations between employers and employees may also influence the development of the business, the quality of services, and the relevance of incomes. Therefore, these factors are supposed to be considered for the evaluation of the codes and the development of recommendations to the laws.


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“American Airlines CEO: The Worst Job in America”

In “American Airlines CEO: The Worst Job in America”, Gary Reber reflects upon the difficult situation in the management of the organization because of bankruptcy. This negative situation may have been caused by the lack of motivation and involvement of employees into the work of the organization. At the same time, these problems may have been prevented with the help of motivation of employees with the use of the existing labor legislation (Saporito, 2012). Therefore, there has been observed the lack of the legislation concerning involvement of workers into the business with the help of stake sharing and investments into education.

American Air Pilots’ Union: No Strike Unless It Is Legal

Pilots from the air union are not ready to participate in strikes as far as they are not allowed in the industry. These facts point at the absence of a relevant mechanism for exerting influence over employers. In other words, employees cannot define their needs and protect their rights because of the existing irrelevant regulations within the industry. At the same time, dissatisfaction of employees may lead to a decrease in the quality of work and worsening of moral and psychological conditions of workers (U.S. Department of Labor, n.d.).

Not Just Public Unions: Private Sector Unions Hurting Business

  1. DeMaura addresses the problem of the negative influence of labor unions on industries. This conclusion is based on the growing percentage of the Americans that would like to reduce the influence of their unions on employers. There is an obviously growing amount of demands issued by the unions that protect limited interests of workers without any care about the organization. At the same time, the unions do not address the actual financial situation in their companies, but they consider only needs of their workers for the growing benefits for their work (DeMaura, 2012). Therefore, some actions and demands of the unions may be defined as irrelevant and lead to bankruptcy of the company or reduction of the number of working places.

The American Airlines’ Allied Pilots Association (APA) Risks the Future of American Airlines

People protect their own personal, monetary, and other types of interests. This type of orientation may be defined as crucial because of growing interests and wishes. At the same time, such wishes within the unions may take hyperbolized forms and lead to irrelevant manipulations of employers. The American Airlines’ case demonstrates problems of the company and the professional association. In this case, the alliance of the employer and the professional association may lead to the worsening of the situation in the organization. It may happen due to the weakness of the employer’s position under the pressure of the APA. At the same time, all demands of the association cannot be fulfilled by the management of the organization. As a result, demands to fulfill some requirements may lead to some strikes and trials that would decrease the quality of services. As an example, the organization has the highest salary costs that make together 28% of the revenues, which does not enable the increase of the salary (DeMaura, 2012). Therefore, interference of the labor union and the association may lead to the worsening of the situation in the company due to growing demands and court appeals for the prescription of required actions.

U.S. Airlines Are in Jeopardy Because of Labor Demands

The U.S. airlines industry demonstrates a positive tendency of development that may be evaluated according to growing profits, the amount of passengers, and cooperation with other international airlines. However, companies have to take care of the amount of people and reply to growing demands concerning salaries. The growing demand is based on cash returns that may mean the growth of the companies’ revenues and availability of money for increasing salaries. At the same time, the labor unions address the problem of reduced training that does not let most employees improve their skills (Carey, 2015). In most cases, the above mentioned inquiries are not supposed to have any illegal background. However, there is double jeopardy for organizations that may face the decrease in quality and relevance of services provided to consumers.

Changes Needed in Labor Laws

The observed acts relating to the labor relations address some main points for the regulation of relations between employers and employees. At the same time, they enable the presence of the third sides and unions for relevant resolutions of arguments between the sides. However, most labor legislations care for the rights of workers, their professional associations, and labor unions. These factors may be defined as irrelevant due to the weakness of organizations and their management as compared to professional organizations and labor unions. Taking into account that most employees’ demands are connected with the low salary and absence of relevant training, the labor relations legislation should address these points. The demand to increase salary in line with the annual plan should be ignored in case of bankruptcy or growing long-term debts of the company. Training of employees should not be guaranteed by organizations in case of the absence of any new equipment. Strikes should be legal for people who are involved into the work in the organization. However, strikers should not miss their shifts for the prevention of the negative influence on the business. Moreover, the number of appeals of associations and labor unions should be limited for the prevention of the costs growth due to court expenses. Therefore, these simple regulations may protect industries from the growing number of complaints, missed shifts, loss of consumers, and other problems.

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