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As a leader, continuous improvement through self-assessment is an imperative. Towards this end, a Values in Action (VIA) Character Assessment comes in handy not only in human development but also in leadership. Through such succinct assessment, it is possible to establish one’s strengths. Subsequently, utilizing the character strengths to bolster our leadership capacity becomes possible (Peterson & Seligman, 2004). Current reflection paper will attempt to delve into my character strengths in relation to my personal experience that has contributed towards development of the character’s strengths. Additionally, it will examine how the character strengths are integral in a leadership capacity. The paper will also analyze the ethical obligation that exists and obliges me to utilize the character strengths to improve my workplace or organization. Lastly, using Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the paper will discuss the synergy blend in relation to my signature character strengths demonstrated by VIA results. It will also examine the possibility of leveraging the synergistic combination of signature character strengths in growing as an ethical leader.

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The most essential strengths in my life are – honesty, teamwork, professionalism, proficient communication skills and empathy. In my leadership journey, all these character strengths have been of immense significance. Working at the King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia has exposed me to a wide range of challenges and circumstances. I have learnt that everyone has goals and dreams. For me, it has always been my dream to be a successful leader and accomplish goals such as complete my education and enhance my knowledge by attending several conferences and workshops, as well as get married. However, in order to realize all these targets, there are important character strengths that matter. First, honesty comes in handy. It is important to be honest in everything. For instance, honesty in reporting issues affecting an organization is important, while dishonesty may lead to disaster. Honesty in a workplace solidifies trust amongst fellow employees and enables leaders cooperate and work more openly.

Secondly, I have realized that teamwork is important as it creates synergy within an organization. Teams help in launching products, as well as bolster customer service. Teamwork streamlines both internal and external communication. It ensures that employees direct their efforts in achieving a common purpose to enhance organizational effectiveness and improve productivity. Thirdly, upholding professionalism in executing duties is also important as it ensures that employees are competent and adhere to work ethics. Additionally, it is important to possess proficient communication skills – both oral and writing. Efficient communication with investors, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders is significant in modern business. Lastly, empathy is also important character strength. It ensures that our relationship with other people in the workplace is good. Moreover, judgments regarding other people are fair with empathy, while decisions bereft of empathy adversely affect organizations.


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All these character strengths can be utilized in a leadership capacity. I have an ethical obligation to uphold honesty in my workplace due to the fact that it ensures that other people within the organization can trust me. Teamwork is also important in creating synergy within my workplace. Moreover, it is important for me to be professional in discharging my duties to ensure that competence and the requisite standards are upheld. Additionally, in a leadership capacity, it is important to ensure that effective communication skills are developed. Both oral and writing skills are indispensable for proper organizational operation. Lastly, empathy is also very important for any leader dealing with organizational stakeholders. It ensures that decision-making processes and all other sort of judgments are punctuated by fairness and understanding of the other party’s interests and expectations.

According to Stephen Covey, it is important to be proactive, begin with results in mind, as well as begin with first things in order to implement activities as a leader. All these three habits are embedded in independence. It is also important to think win-win, seek understanding before being understood and synergize through teamwork. Again, all the three habits are ingrained in interdependence. Lastly, having an organized program to renew, as well as balance one’s health, energy and resources is important for continuous improvement in order to establish an effective, long-term and sustainable lifestyle (Covey, 1989). As a leader, I gave premium to teamwork in combining the strengths of my workmates to assist in achieving goals that could not be possible for an individual. Honesty, teamwork, professionalism, empathy and proficient communication skills as my signature strengths from the VIA character assessment provide a unique synergy blend.

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In conclusion, leveraging such synergistic blend of signature character strengths with the intent of growing as an ethical leader requires professionalism, as well as continuous improvement and learning that is attainable through experience and attendance of workshops and seminars. It is also important to set attainable resolutions and cultivate an aura of responsibility within the workplace.

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