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Students may need to rewrite a paper on different occasions. Rewriting can prove very useful if you need to reuse information from your previous papers, but you do not want it to look the same. It is also important when you use some sources and need to avoid plagiarism. In other words, it is a way to avoid serious damage to your reputation and prevent a negative influence on your grades. Besides, you may need to rewrite your paper just because you want to improve its quality or adapt the writing to the audience. One way or another, high-quality rewriting is a complex task, especially if you want to avoid plagiarizing completely. If you need help with rewriting and paraphrasing from a reliable writing company, Grand-Essays.com should be your choice. We are a professional rewriting service on which you count with any assignment and always get the results that you will love.

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What Rewriting Actually Means

Rewriting is basically the process of refining the existing text. Such a need might arise because of a professor’s request or simply because the author feels the draft is not good enough. Unlike editing and proofreading, it goes beyond fixing grammar mistakes or adding missing commas. It is more profound, and some of the techniques might be about:

  • Reworking of the paper’s structure
  • Changing word choice
  • Restructuring entire sentences
  • Balancing out the details and examples
  • Improving formatting and references
  • Paraphrasing passages that have been taken from some sources
  • Removing vague or repetitive passages
  • Simplifying or upgrading language to adapt to the audience, etc.

After good rewriting and paraphrasing, you basically have a completely new paper. The ideas of the content, however, remain the same. If you wonder, “Why would I need to rewrite my paper?” The answer is to make it better. Rewriting is the only way to turn an average essay into a really good one.


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How We Can Help You

To rewrite a paper, especially your own, is a difficult task because it requires searching for a different angle to express the same thoughts. Besides, it demands a rich vocabulary in order not to copy and paste information from various sources. It might be tough for native speakers and even more so for those students for whom English is the second language. So, if you need help with rewriting and paraphrasing your paper to make it better and plagiarism-free, you can use the professional rewriting service of Grand-Essays.com. Rewriting services that we offer will allow you to get a brand-new paper based on your draft without a trace of similarity! Our expert will analyze your piece, consider your special preferences, and do their best to deliver exactly what you need.

Types of Professional Rewriting Service That We Provide

As mentioned, people might have different reasons for using rewriting services, and each request of a customer requires an individual approach, which lies at the heart of our work for many years now. Thanks to such extensive experience, today, we can meet all sorts of customers’ rewriting needs. We can provide the following types of rewrite my paper services:

  • Essays and other academic papers. Our essay rewriting service helps students to deal with revisions from their professors and drafts that they hesitate to submit. Write us, “Rewrite my essay,” and we will revise the entire piece or rewrite only problematic passages to give your piece a decent quality boost.
  • Blog articles. Blogs require regular updates even if it performs well. If your blog posts need refreshing of the information, updating keywords, etc., we can help you and allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business.
  • Website content. If you need to attract new visitors to your website and retain the existing ones, effective and up-to-date content is crucial. Our team can help you create it based on your current texts since we are a truly professional rewriting service.
  • Speeches. If you have come up with excellent ideas for your speech but do not like the way it sounds, we are there for you. Our writers can become your first audience and offer their honest feedback in a form of edits and improvements to the text.
  • Books. After some time of writing a book, you know the manuscript like the back of your hand. To ensure it is not just good but great, you might want a fresh pair of eyes to have a look at it. Let us do it and help you improve it.

This list is not exhaustive, and we can cover many more writing requests. Each expert providing professional rewriting service at Grand-Essays.com is always ready to help. We take into consideration all the requirements and instructions provided by the customers to deliver a high-quality piece of writing regardless of the type of paper.

How We Work

There are many companies offering essay rewriting service. However, in order to earn easy money, they tend to cheat and use online rewording tools. It means that they use online generators to rewrite papers and replace words or phrases with synonyms. Sure, it may work to a certain extent, but the risk of failure is extremely high in such a case. The problem is that such online tools understand words but are not capable of decoding messages correctly. They just offer a straightforward replacement for a word.

If you want an in-depth and high-quality rewrite my essay service, choose Grand-Essays.com. Our experts never completely rely on technology and do much more than just replacing words for you. Our writer will:

  • Study your instructions and clarify your preferences at a pre-writing stage
  • Analyze the available content and single out its central idea and key messages
  • Choose proper techniques to provide high-quality essay rewriting service
  • Create an outline of an updated paper if the structure update is needed
  • Remove unnecessary details and wordiness
  • Rewrite paragraphs and sentences that require improvement
  • Paraphrase all unoriginal passages and add citations
  • Correct formatting mistakes if any
  • Proofread and edit the final version of your paper.

In other words, when providing a rewrite my essay service to our customers, we, first of all, try to understand the information and only then start working on the new text. Next, we rework it using a variety of methods to meet your specific needs. As a result, all the ideas and messages are properly formulated without losing their meaning.

Rewriting Services with Original Content Only

Many people want to rewrite a paper because they are concerned about plagiarism issues. Grand-Essays.com does rewriting and paraphrasing very thoroughly and guarantees completely original text after we deal with it. To verify the authenticity of the content, we scan it with special plagiarism detection software that compares the text to billions of sources online. If there are any matches, the tool shows them and produces a report. Our clients have the possibility to receive this report too for a small additional fee and check whether the content is good to go by themselves. So, if you send us your rewrite my paper request, you can be sure to get only original content in the end.

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Benefits of Using Our Rewrite My Paper Service

You might wonder, “Why should I hire someone to rewrite my essay?” If professional, such a service offers many benefits, which make it worthwhile. If you choose Grand-Essays.com to rewrite a paper for you, you profit from:

  • High-quality content on the basis of your ideas
  • Much more free time to spend with friends or doing something that you like
  • Improvement of your performance at school or at work
  • The possibility to learn from an expert about how good content should look like
  • Save time without jeopardizing the quality of writing thanks to the affordability of our rewriting services
  • No missed deadlines and reduced workload
  • Less stress about uncompleted tasks.

Besides, Grand-Essays.com provides each and every customer with quality guarantees to ensure that the cooperation with us is a risk-free deal. Read on to find out what else you get as our client.

Can You Rewrite My Essay According to My Deadline?

Timely delivery is one of the most important elements of the writing process. There is no use for a paper that is submitted late. For this reason, we always do our best to meet the deadline that our customers set for us and deliver everything on time. In addition to proper rewording, formatting, and grammar, we strictly follow the deadlines and upload papers once they expire. Even though some customers require urgent delivery of their orders, we still manage to provide them on time while adhering to the standards of high quality. A short deadline is not a reason for cutting corners, right? So, if you place an order with Grand-Essays.com, you have nothing to worry about. We are a professional rewriting service that can be your reliable partner when it comes to writing even urgent papers.

A Few Good Reasons to Choose Us

We know that you want to receive the great quality of rewriting and paraphrasing services if you decide to place an order. The team of Grand-Essays.com realizes that and is ready to deliver such a result for you. To reassure you of how seriously we take the satisfaction of our customers, we provide you with the following guarantees of excellent experience with us:

  • Your Privacy

We protect any data that our customers share with us and never disclose any personal details to third parties. Any communication that happens between you and us is fully confidential and does not compromise your privacy. No one will ever know that you have used our services.

  • Your Budget

Grand-Essays.com exists to help, so our prices are reasonable and will fit your budget. They motivate our writers to do their job well and ensure our customers can afford to get assistance on a regular basis. Besides, we are rather generous with discounts for our loyal clients.

  • Your Time

The ordering process will not take you more than a couple of minutes. There is a simple form that guides you through the process and that is easy to navigate. Once you are done with it, you can forget we exist for some time and come back once the deadline expires to enjoy the results. We will take care of everything while you relax!

  • Your Question

If you have any questions or concerns in the process of our cooperation, you can address them with our 24/7 support team. We will be there all the time for you to feel that we are on your side. So, you can confidently send us your rewrite my paper request and be sure to the top-notch assistance.

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Ordering Our Essay Rewriting Service

In order to use our rewriting service, you have to complete the following steps:

  1. Place your order by providing the instructions
  2. Make payment as per the calculated price
  3. Use our message system to communicate with the assigned writer if you want to
  4. Receive a notification about order completion and download the paper from the website or get it delivered to your email address.

If you face any issues in the process of ordering, reach out to our customer support team. Our agents will happily help you, while our writers will make sure you never regret choosing our rewrite my essay service.

Importance of Rewriting Services

Rewriting is necessary when you need a completely different text while maintaining the main idea of the existing one. To rewrite a paper may prove to be difficult because it is like writing a couple of completely different papers on the same topic. To save time and effort, you can use rewriting help from Grand-Essays.com. It is the best way to get your work done without risking the results. Our professional writers have experience in working with different texts, and they know how to paraphrase content without losing the central idea of the original. So, send us your rewrite my paper request and get the help that will not let you down!

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