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Career Advice for College Graduates

1. Consider Your Career to be a Series of Experiences. Your career isn’t determined by your first job or by your college major. Become a life-long learner to succeed. You will have multiple experiences at all the jobs you’re going to take and these experiences will provide you with new perspectives.

2. Don’t Take a Job You don’t Like. It’s a bad idea to find any job to pay your bills, because if you don’t like your job, you won’t work long there. Besides, employers usually don’t like to hire people who only want to make money. You need to be passionate about what you’re doing to succeed.

3. Focus on making an impact. The quicker you will do it, the more support you will have. So, learn as much as possible from your first day at work, master your skills, take on bigger projects and prove that you’re a good specialist. If you do this, you will launch your career and become a valuable employee.

4. Take Risks Early and Do This Often. If you continue doing what you did yesterday, you can’t move on. But if you take a risk, you begin learning something new, no matter if you fail or succeed.

5. Communicate with People, not with Your Laptop. The strongest relationships are created in person, not online. So, stop looking at your smartphone or tab and look into people’s faces instead.

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6. Assess Your Outcomes. Don’t just list your accomplishments and skills in your resume. Recruiters are looking for the outcomes of your activities and want to know how you’ve impacted the company you worked for. So, keep track of your results at your previous workplaces.

7. Sacrifice Today for the Sake of Your Tomorrow. See a bigger picture. Consider the influence of your deeds if you work very persistently today. Will it help you become freer and more independent in future? Will your merits allow you to do what you want and when you want? If so, don’t hesitate to put your energy into that.

8. Create Your Website. You will need it to refer the recruiters to your work. While you’re developing your career, add your results, projects and work samples on this site.

9. Travel Often. It will expand your horizons, add to your experience, and allow you to learn more about the world. Moreover, through traveling you will also learn new languages, which will be a huge advantage for your employment.

10. Find Mentors and Role Models. It should be someone who can support you. Someone who is living the lifestyle and has the career of your dream. Find this person, communicate with him/her and learn from him/her.

May these tips help you find the job of your dream!