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Long Distance College Relationships

Are There Chances of Successful Long Distance College Relationships

There are advantages and disadvantages in any situation, which mostly depends on you. Thus, a long distance relationship can be successful only if both partners are willing to save it throughout four years apart seeing each other only during breaks and summers. Is it worth sticking with your partner while attending different colleges? Read the following tips to get the answers to the common questions regarding relationships.

Be Ready to See Each Other Rarely

Many couples give each other promises to be in the relationship regardless of what happens. However, during the first few weeks in college couples break up due to the lack of communication. If you have decided to stay together, decide on the time when both of you are free and can skype. Another advice is to plan visits to each other. This way, you won’t feel that you spend a huge amount of time apart.

Do not Limit Yourself

There is no reason to spend every free minute talking on the phone since you will neglect the chance to get a decent education, meet new friends, experience new things, and form yourself as an individual. Moreover, you will cherish the time spend together more, and you will have what to talk about. Otherwise, if you break up, you might end up regretting not having a real college life.

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Do not Expect Your Partner to Remain the Same Person

People change throughout college years. They grow and develop themselves becoming drastically different from the ones they used to be in high school. Therefore, it is absolutely fine that you walk across the stage of college experience gaining new traits of character and leaving a part of your past behind. Unfortunately, this change may affect the relationship, and, consequently, couples might no longer be compatible.

Be Assured that You are Both on the Same Page

Sometimes people have directly opposite expectations regarding their relationship. Do you see yourself with your current partner in the long run? What about marriage or having children? If your answers are positive, it is very important to learn to trust and, what is even more important, forget about jealousy. Long distance relationship can work only when both of partners are honest, loyal, and open to each other.

Put Your Studies First

The main goal of entering college is getting a degree, isn’t it? Thus, you have to work hard towards your goals and fulfill your dreams. Don’t forget to encourage your partner to do the same since your college experience is invaluable.

Relationship shouldn’t hold you back especially when you are a college student. If it does, reconsider its continuation. Undoubtedly, you are studying in college in order to have fun and get experience instead of worrying about what your boyfriend or girlfriend is thinking or doing. At the same time, if you have made up your mind to have long distance relationship, do not let vain reasons ruin them.