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Vegetarian Food

Vegetarianism is a trend that grabs attention of many people around the world. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular due to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and its impressive effects on your body and mind. Some people stop eating meat because of the thought of poor animals while others just want to be trendy. Considering the fact that a lot of famous people of the past chose vegetarianism as their basic life principle, it is obvious that this tendency is gaining its popularity every year. In addition, modern celebrities keep promoting vegetarianism being ardent vegetarians themselves. So, what are the positive and negative aspects of eating vegetarian food?

The Pros for Being a Vegetarian

On the one hand, there are numerous arguments that support vegetarianism. Firstly, plant food doesn’t contain many fats and, consequently, calories. Thus, it is perfectly helpful in terms of dealing with obesity. Also, vegetarian diet is a great energetic source, since it is full of carbohydrates. Besides, there is less unhealthy salt in preparation of this food. Secondly, when you eat lots of fruit and vegetables, you get a lot of essential vitamins and microelements, which help your organism to normalize metabolism. Thirdly, plant nutrition prevents your body from a wide range of illnesses, such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, kidney-stones, gastrointestinal tract disorders, hypertension, etc. When you limit fat food high in cholesterol, you are less likely to have these health problems. Also, meat is often processed with dangerous for people compounds, such as nitrates and nitrites. Moreover, vegetarians believe that refusing meat eating is beneficial for both health and inner serenity. Generally, positive effects of eating vegetarian food are clear, as you get stronger immune system and much improved complexion. There is less possibility of cancer, which is one more important factor for being vegetarian.

The Cons for Being a Vegetarian

On the other hand, despite the convincing mood of the previous statements, there are also serious disadvantages of vegetarianism. First of all, vegetarians are more likely to suffer from thyroid gland, ocular diseases and menstrual cycle disorders. The last can even be the reason of infertility for women. Secondly, if you eat too many fruit and vegetables, it can do harm to your health. Haven’t you known that cellulose tends to block normal protein digestion? Also, eating vegetarian food might lead to iron, vitamins or amino acids’ shortage. Besides, the vegetarian menu is absolutely inappropriate for kids, teenagers, sportsmen, and pregnant women. If you have decided to be a vegetarian, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor, who will help you to create the most harmless diet. Do not try to make the one yourself, since it can be really dangerous and harmful for your health.

Responsible Vegetarianism

It is worth mentioning that like any other self-contradictory system, vegetarianism has both positive and negative aspects. So, it is not recommended to make any hasty decisions without considering its advantages and disadvantages. This way, you will be well-informed about all the pros and cons of the vegetarian nutrition.