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Why Does Your Professor Dislike You

When I began my studying at college, there was one professor who I was absolutely sure didn’t like me at all. I supposed that he used all the red pens he had to mark my writing compositions. In addition, he always called me out when I was not ready with my reading. I was convinced that he bore a grudge against me. It seemed as if he could even read my thoughts. However, at the end of the semester everything changed. He started complimenting my writing and not with sarcasm. At that moment, I realized that he wanted to help me to become a better writer, not to rip my self-esteem.

It’s a well-known fact that relationships between students and professors sometimes are characterized by misunderstandings. As a result, we may be missing pretty much because of this fact. In the following paragraphs, there are a few things that professors like about students and some things they hate.

  • It bothers professors when students don’t appreciate their precious time. Indeed, what could be worse? A student might be convinced that he leads the busiest life. For instance, a student may complain that apart from two jobs as well as an internship he/she has to cope with, the professor gives him/her a task to write a paper on top of all that crap. Nevertheless, at the end of the day the professor also goes home with a lot of papers to estimate.
  • Professors dislike when they sense that the student is concerned only with the question how to get the best grade, but not how to learn successfully. This usually happens when we are not interested in the course and feel the lack of motivation. Obviously, professors can differentiate a student whose heart is in the wrong place.
  • It is very pleasant for professors when their students ask questions. However, there are many students who simply don’t attend classes, they only collect their grade and complete the course even without any profound interaction with their instructor.
  • It’s of great importance to understand that grades can be changed. How? Professors like good communication; therefore, you can sometimes consider changing the tide. For instance, it’s so significant for the professor to know that you read his comments on your paper and even have a desire to come in and talk with the professor face to face to learn more about the subject.
  • If you have to do a group project, but you are the one that is supposed to complete the most part of it, don’t blame your colleagues by whining to your professor about those slackers. The professor will think that you simply don’t want to take the responsibility. Take an advantage of the opportunity to learn how to work in a team, even if they are people you don’t get along with.
  • Professors hate it when we are lazy. It annoys them when they receive an email from a student who tells that he/she is not able to find a certain website, although it was shown by the professor during the class. Frequently, instead of taking notes, students skim articles because they think that they can read the summary of a book and this will be enough for them. A professor would like such a student to leave, not to succeed.