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Feminism and Its Influence on Society

Today, feminism is a topic of heated debates all over the world. For this reason, choosing it as a topic for your academic paper is a good idea. But since the main point of essay writing is to remain objective towards the topic and avoid expressing your emotions, it can be rather difficult to write an essay on this theme. If you absolutely need to write your academic paper on feminism, but you don’t know how to do it because you find yourself dragged into your emotions, this sample is for you. You may use it as a source of ideas or as a template for your paper to know better the perfect structure and learn how to express different views on the issue.

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Sample: How Has Feminism Either Positively Or Negatively Changed Society?

Almost any idea in the society, no matter how good or bad it is, can be considered a pursuit of freedom. In the XX century, we saw the concept of feminism entrapped between two opposing ideologies that use it as a dividing line between them. One of the traps of feminism is the idea that it manifests only gender equality (Wolf 63). This position still exists today. However, feminism has a much broader sense. First of all, it must be about the intellectual freedom of all individuals (Wolf 59).

At the same time, feminism influences the western society to a great degree today. This paper has an objective to tell about this influence. Everyone has an opinion on feminism, whether it is positive or negative. However, all of us need to understand that the absence of feminism equals slavery in the shape of telling “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman” (DeLamotte 27). There is no need in this type of thinking any longer in our society.

Even though the negative examples of feminism exist, it is still possible to say that it exerted only the positive influence on the society. Of course, it is not perfect, like any other area of life. Feminism began as an intellectual scream in the early XX century. These days, it has an enormous importance for the women who managed to break the intellectual chains in different countries. However, in some parts of the world, females are still struggling to get the right to choose their partner, drive a car, and vote. In our society, women already have these rights and that has already become a habit. Therefore, we must not judge feminism. We need to accept its significance for the entire world.