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Learning British English

English speakers have taken over many countries, and America isn’t the only one of them. Have you ever wondered why the other dialects and spellings of the English language should be known? No one says it will be a piece of cake, but isn’t it a super interesting thing to do anyway? If only you aren’t a couch potato of course.

If you aren’t an old wobbly head, you must remember Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and Monty Python, and of course, who hasn’t ever wanted Mr. Bean to utter at least a sentence? Has anyone understood that such an entertaining guy is a British actor? Not really. There is nothing new about that really. It’s commonplace for Hollywood, even more, a kind of tradition for British actors to play superheroes.

British English is something that may be confusing for anyone, but how charming sounds the accent! Many jokes and anecdotes are dedicated to the British accent. The English language is a challenge and at the same times a lot of fun for sure. To avoid any possible troubles and misunderstandings, you should know the phrases and words, which may be so tricky in British English. Unless you want to have some fun and to play word games with different meanings, which may be so unpredictable you couldn’t even imagine!

Let yourself dive into the literary world of London, make your bucket list and start reading! If you can’t boast about the great interest in Shakespeare’s works, try something else, believe me, the variety of choice will surprise you!

Originated from the West German languages, the English language continues to evolve constantly. The English language has been transforming and changing for quite a long time and of course, its simplification during the last century is evident. The ‘job’ of any language is communication first of all, and English definitely ‘does a great job’. The number of English learners is increasing with each passing day (don’t pay attention to those few Spaniards who may have another opinion on that point).

When it comes to reading and writing, there is no huge difference between American and British English; it differs mostly in pronunciation. That’s why listening to British English may seem to be challenging. Sure, the differences do exist, but it’s still English no matter whether it is American or British. If you want to learn British English, you’ll need a few extra phrases and words (concerning lexicon, it mainly differs in some everyday objects).

American English is spoken in North America while British is regarded as the standard in the rest of the English-speaking world, including Britain’s former colonies. It should be said that the British accent is definitely one of the most charming ever, but at the same time, it is hard to train and speak.