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Classic Literature

Many students have a common opinion that it is very hard to read classic literature. The following topic has been under discussion for pretty long time. Classic books are the thing that all of us have to come across in high school or in college. So, are classics actually so complicated to read or are they simply imposed on us so that we get too angry that we are forced to read them so that we just do not see all of their beauty?

For example, when I read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy for the first time, I have been forced to do so because it was demanded by my literature course in college, and I really hated this book. In a few years, when I got older, my viewpoints changed and I managed to read the book one more time. I could realize all the beauty of this remarkable novel. I did comprehend this book and I wanted to re-read it again so as to ensure I have not omitted any essential details.

One of the opinions why classic books are difficult to read is that there are plenty of forms of language they are written in, and as they were written in the past while the language has changed greatly throughout the history, today it is much more complicated to understand the essence of the novels and stories written centuries ago.

In general, most writers often live in some kind of their own world, and the predominant feature there is imagination. For this reason, I am convinced that their imagination is the major feature of their writing style.

Such writers as Charlotte Brontë, Anton Chekhov, William Shakespeare and a lot of others are really the greatest writers of the 19th and 20th centuries. So, are their masterpieces really so difficult to read? It is hard to answer such a question. Personally, I am sure that if you read them at the age of fourteen or sixteen, it will be definitely difficult. But, if you have a chance to read them later at will, at the point when you have a higher level of knowledge about the life itself and its important choices, then you will probably enjoy reading the beautiful classic books.

Therefore, I am sure that you should certainly try and give one more chance to classics. Chances are great that you will be pleasantly surprised and even like them in the end.