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5 Top-Notch Summer Jobs for Students

Almost all people involved in education have the summer off. That means that both students and teachers are in need of something to do. While educators can probably afford to relax and go on a holiday, broke students might need to find a paying job to cover the bills. Here is the list of five jobs that can bring both fun and some ever-necessary cash.

Summer Camps

If the very thought of looking after rowdy kids puts you off, this option is probably not for you. However, those with steady nerves and love for children may enjoy organizing summer adventures. There are some great national institutions as well as options abroad. Possible positions include coaches, mentors, activity leaders, and even office stuff. You can also choose a camp connected to your personal interests, like Lord of the Rings, space, or sports.

Theme Parks

It takes a lot of people to create the magical experience, which people usually associate with theme parks. Usually, the required staff includes sales representatives, customer service agents, cleaners, photographers, entertainers, and naturally ride attendants. With such a wide range of jobs, anyone can find a suitable position. This is also a great option for students who do not wish to find a full-time employment, since anyone can apply for as many hours as they need.

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Summer Festivals

The festival culture is all the rage right now. There are so many fests around the country that it’s a wonder how they find enough employees to cover them all. Depending on your hobbies, you can apply for anything from Boomtown to Edinburgh Fringe. This comes with the bonus of potential meeting with really cool people. You can usher people, pour drinks, or sell merchandise. You can also get free entry during off hours, so that’s pretty great.

Charity Fundraising

This one may not seem as fun as the previous two, but think about it this way – you will be doing some very important work. And if that is not enough to satisfy you, charity related jobs look excellent on a CV, no matter which industry you eventually decide to go into. Moreover, most companies offer free training, so you’ll learn some valuable skills while simultaneously earning money. In general, the pay is pretty good, depending on which organization you choose. And of course, many positions are based abroad, so you’ll get to enjoy traveling too.


These jobs are for those who want money and fast. All you need is a phone number and a desire to sell the product, whatever it might be. These positions also offer relatively flexible hours and well-paid night shifts. The only downside is that you might be monitored and put under considerable pressure to make sales. If that does not scare you, apply to one of the call centers across the country right now.

Hopefully, this list of summer jobs will give you some ideas about how to spend your holiday productively.