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Spectacular Cartoons

If you decide to google “the most enjoyable cartoons ever”, there is no doubt that you will find the following cartoons on almost every list. So, pick out one of them and have the best evening together with your nearest and dearest!

How to Train Your Dragon

Can you imagine that I have watched this cartoon for three times already? However, I always get to know something new and it never seems boring to me. In my opinion, this is the best cartoon of DreamWorks Animation. Watching How to Train Your Dragon in 3D or cinema can bring you an unforgettable experience.

The entertaining, as well as the dramatic plot of the cartoon, is suitable both for adults and children. By the way, there is already second part of this great movie.

Synopsis: A son of a Viking leader, who is shy, ought to kill a dragon so that he proves to be mature and a worthy warrior.

Kung Fu Panda

Frankly speaking, I have made a decision to watch this film, having seen the trailer with Jack Black. To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect this cartoon to fascinate and intrigue me to such a great extent.

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The most interesting characteristic of this film is concerning numerous hilarious scenes, where Po gets into the temple and makes up his mind to master the art of kung fu. Admiring these scenes, I laughed many times. What is more, CG animation and perfect voice acting are the things that the viewers will undoubtedly appreciate.

Synopsis: In spite of the fact that Po the panda is passive by its nature, he needs to become a hero of kung fu. The Valley of Peace is his homeland and Po should save it.


Bright colors, as well as excellent humor, make this cartoon amazing even for adults.

Since I hear how many people praise the animation movie, it must be admitted that it’s more suitable for adults to watch it because of the humor of the cartoon.

The plot of Madagascar is about the lion, hippo, giraffe, zebra – four animals that decide to escape their zoo in order to seek for their homeland, which is the African island Madagascar. It’s important to mention, that each character is remarkable and exciting in its own way. The cartoon certainly is worthy of watching.


In this cartoon, the audience is given an opportunity to see western civilization, represented by an unusual horse, whose name is Spirit. While watching Spirit, you can get acquainted with different aspects of his life, particularly friendships, countless hazards that Spirit encounters. Actually, this animation movie was presented in the way that deserves appreciation. There is a great number of visuals that can impress with realism, depth. Apart from that, the unforgettable music by Hans Zimmer, songs by Bryan Adams make the cartoon even better.

Synopsis: A wild mustang Spirit was captured by cruel cavalry officers, but he wants to get freedom and return to his homeland.