Expert Guide to Memo Writing

A memo is an essential form of communication in the business world. It is a way to communicate internally and it is sent between people in the same business place. It should be noted that content and format are important aspects to attend to when writing memos. 

Memos Have Different Parts

  • Headings

A header is the first thing to appear in a memo. This provides information about the writer, who it is intended for, what its subject is, what date it was created, and a list of other recipients. A lot of companies use a condensed version of their letterhead in the upper part of the memo page.

When writing a memo there is no specific order to be followed for the different parts of a header; think about readers and what would be best for them. A lot of writers initial their memos as a way of verifying authenticity and to show they are responsible for them.  This practice is similar to putting signatures at the bottom of letters. Where a memo exceeds a page in length, a different type header is required on subsequent pages.

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  • Summary Paragraphs

It is common for longer memos to include short summaries. These usually come after the first paragraph and help readers decide whether to read all of the content or just some parts. A summary is particularly useful for complex subject matter. Summaries should be proportionate with the entire document; a memo of two pages would have a much shorter summary than a proposal of twenty pages.

  • Subject Matter Headings

The standard memo format uses headings to divide content into different sections and to help readers identify a document’s content. Without headings, memos would be comprised of boring and difficult-to-read blocks of text. Headings should be kept simple and in a font size or style that stands out from the normal text.

  • Stylistic Matters

Keep in mind that this type of writing is not for a class in English. The communication style should be precise and clear. The key is to keep things simple. Readers may get confused if you try to sound too knowledgeable.

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  • Line Spacing

Use single spacing in paragraphs and double spacing to separate paragraphs. Do not make paragraphs too long so that they are easy to skim or read.

  • The Introductory or Opening Paragraph

Memos are records of communications, especially where the content is important. Since people may not always recall the importance or time of receiving your memo, including a paragraph of introduction is advisable since this can establish context in the following ways:  

  1. The reason for sending and the subject (why are you writing it?); 
  2. Any context information you think is necessary (names, dates, project numbers, and so on.); 
  3. An overview of the memo’s contents (rather than a summary – simply let readers know what your memo will cover).
  • Tone and Style

Make sure your tone is accommodating and courteous as though you were speaking to a tutor, professor, or colleague. Choose a conversational but professional style. The use of very formal, stiff prose and slang is inappropriate in memos.

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The relationship you have with readers, and how you perceive their expectations and needs, will help you decide on a suitable tone and style.

  • Ending Your Memo

It is unnecessary to include concluding or closing comments in a memo as you would in argumentative or formal-style papers. However, a lot of memos require some type of response or further action. In such cases, you can close by giving readers the opportunity to respond. Closing statements should be meaningful and substantive. Clichés should be avoided.

  • Initialing Memos

The format for a memo does not provide a signature section. Instead, the writer should place their initials next to their name at the top. Use a pen for this.

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