Learn How to Write a Motivation Letter

Applying for a good job, you may find it complicated to follow all the procedure requirements. It is especially so, when it goes about a motivation letter that makes a big difference in the process of recruiting. You have to know how to write a motivation letter and have considerable experience if you want to achieve your professional aims. A valuable guideline will be of particular help for you when you try to cope with the task yourself for the first time.

First of all, your motivation letter should sound dynamic as your employer or professional recruiter will not spend a lot of time on reading. They take only 20 seconds or so to understand if they are interested in you as an applicant, and you have those 20 seconds to make an impression.  Thus, a good motivation letter is always concise, but perfectly structured. The preferable length of a letter is one page at most.

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You can make your custom motivation letter perfect if you follow certain professional formulas. Nevertheless, remember that there is no universal approach to any paper, and each letter should sound unique and personal. Your task is to make sure that your letter does not sound like dozens of other letters sent to different entries. 

A great motivation letter always includes:

  1. Name and contact details of an applicant
  2. Name of the business company, where you apply, and address of the company
  3. Date of application
  4. Salutation (Dear Sir/Madam, etc.)
  5. Body paragraphs
  6. Closing remarks (Sincerely, etc.)
  7. Signature.

Writing a motivation letters, take your time to give a personal touch to your writing. It should not be a typical letter to be sent to any company. Instead, it should demonstrate that you have learnt a lot about the hiring manager and the company itself. A motivation letter should be personalized and individual.

Learning how to write a motivation letter, note that you should always include how you got to know about the position at the very beginning of the letter. It is important for the company to be aware of the job sources, especially if they make paid posts on the websites or in the newspapers. List all the skills you consider relevant to this particular job and tell about the experience you have to show that the company will definitely see you as a valuable asset.

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