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I always admired my teachers and thought that when I grow up I would become one. Teachers make the best decisions when caring about and educating students. They work hard to ensure future generations be productive citizens. However, I am now pursuing the goal to become a nurse. Care in nursing homes motivates me to make a difference in the health of the public. It made me desire to care for patients and be one of those who improve their health. The two occupations seem different, but they have similarities. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the roles and responsibilities of a teacher and a nurse and to show how they impact individuals in the course of their jobs.

Teachers dedicate their lives to developing specific skills and knowledge in people through education. Likewise, the well-being of the society requires the services of nurses. In many ways, the professions of a teacher and nurse are similar, as well as their goals. Both teachers and nurses need to be extremely patient, have a special passion for every person regardless of their sex, religion, race and other factors and be dedicated to the vocation. Teachers care about the well-being, happiness and student’s life beyond the school. Teachers are also patient with slower-learning students; thus, teachers remove ignorance in children by caring and teaching. The goal of every teacher is to ensure their students succeed in their future life. Teachers play a vital role in the education system, just as nurses do in the healthcare system. Job of the latter involves medical care to maintain people’s good health. Nurses show great patience when they assist non-responding ill patients with chronic diseases. Caring for patients, nurses assist in their healing.

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One more great similarity between professions of a nurse and a teacher is the trust they get from the people they serve. Nurses and teachers interact with diverse populations from different social levels. Parents have to allow teachers to make the best decisions about the care and education of their children. Consequently, teachers have to ensure that they work within ethical frameworks. On the other hand, the family and friends of patients trust fully in the decisions made by nurses while caring for their loved ones. Moreover, nurses ought to use ethical guidelines to assist in patient’s healing when using standard medications and care.

The main difference between the two occupations is the nature of their jobs. The main function of a nurse practitioner is to care for patients. Patient care primarily depends on the settings in which the nurse is working. Care may involve help in saving the lives of people if the nurse works in the emergency room. If working in a physician’s office, the nurse has to gather information regarding the patient before treatment. Nurses working in nursing homes have to assist patients in feeding them, providing personal hygiene and administering medications. Contrastingly, the primary function of a teacher is to ensure students get the knowledge and skills required to advance their careers. Teachers have a way of imparting knowledge to students without forcing them. They provide lessons by use of demonstrations, lectures, homework, tests, and different assignments.

In conclusion, the two careers play very crucial roles in the society. The society needs teachers as well as nurses to provide development of the economy. Nursing and teaching are worthy career options since both of them require one to acquire skills and knowledge, as well as have a passion to help people. Teachers and nurses help change and impact the public positively. Though the two professions have differences and similarities, it is notable that both are equally important for any public to progress.

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