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Even in terms of the general globalization and international approaches to the organization and running business, the business culture, principles of leadership, and management may differ in various countries. The above-mentioned spheres are influenced by the cultural peculiarities of the countries, their values, ideas, and views on the interpersonal perception. This paper is aimed at observing Denmark’s and the US leadership, business negotiations, interpersonal communication, and to compare the differences and similarities in the mentioned approaches and fields.

The United States vs. Denmark

The main goal of any management and business activity is to increase the profit and decrease the monetary loss, to organize safe economic environment and appropriate conditions for labor. Therefore, to compare and contrast two countries in their business activities, leadership, and management, it is important to understand the economic background of their business behavior and cultural peculiarities of the countries.

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Currently, the USA has appealed to the economic principles of the Nordic countries greatly. The high rates and taxes make up the economies of the Nordic countries when the U.S. banking system suffers because of the high level of loans and the lack of the actual capital. The high level of taxes has become the national peculiarity of Denmark because of the actual absence of the immigrants and the unity of the nation due to the religious and other principles. For example, 77% of people in Denmark belong to the Lutheran confession. For the USA, the formation of economic behavior is not the national peculiarity because of the constant increase of the economic immigrants and refugees, which leads to the growth of the cultural gap among non-Hispanics, Latinos, Afro-Americans, and others. Denmark demonstrates the political stability. Major or minor parties are happy with the existing model and are aimed at going in the same direction, when the U.S. parties demonstrate the active oppositions concerning the majority of the political and economic issues, which also divides American society into groups and increases the economic instability (Grieder, 2015).

At the same time, the overview of the economies may help to understand the requirements to the business communication, negotiations, and leadership. When Denmark is a modern market with the high-tech agricultural sector, renewable energy approaches, and the low usage of the personal mechanical vehicles, the USA is a technologically powerful economy formatted by the private business and governmental organizations with the high need for the comfort and personal cars. At the same time, Denmark works for the foreign consumer and it is dependent on the foreign trade, when the USA is far more flexible, having the more developed system for the foreign sellers than for the domestic companies abroad. Denmark follows the international standards established for the EU, when the USA mainly dictates the standards in the majority of the industries, being a leader or even a monopolist in them (medical equipment, weapon, etc.) (“Denmark and United States compared”, n.d.). Therefore, both countries might demonstrate the developed attitude and approaches to the business management, negotiations, and interpersonal communication.


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Leadership is one of the main points that determine the way of the development and approaches of the political and business lives. Today, both Denmark and the USA have unusual leaders. The USA is run by the African-American President and Denmark’s leader is a woman. However, the non-white president in the USA is the try to fight the history and slavery, but for Denmark, the choice of the leader is the logical one, uniting of all members of society around the idea of the national success (Harris-Perry, 2015). Denmark is not as vulnerable to the masculinity in its culture, which is also demonstrated by the choice of the female president. At the same time, all segments of the teams are not fully subordinate to their leaders, and they can act without direct prescriptions that may make the business more resistant to the negative outcomes. Therefore, according to the leadership idea on the highest level, the USA pays more attention to the democracy but not the real outcomes and programs of the possible leaders. In these terms, the USA is far more vulnerable to its past and the history of the formation of society and the issue of slavery in the past. Denmark is far more united due to the common identity of all members of society, their goals, wish of the mutual success, etc. Therefore, Denmark appeals to the equality principles in the leadership and other spheres as nobody may be treated with benefits in the business environment. At the same time, the USA may demonstrate the high fear of being accused when it comes to racism or other discriminations in the leadership, which may lead to some unequal treatment. Generally, the leadership in Denmark is aimed at creating the effect of welfare, when the USA constantly appeals to the American Dream and equality that do not come true because of the changing approaches in leading the country and policies. Therefore, there is the solidarity in society and leadership in Denmark and the individuality in the United States of America. Both countries highly appeal to the resulting leadership models and they are aimed at the effective work, cooperation, and completing of the tasks (Alexander, 2015). Therefore, the organization of society, the perception of cooperation, the presence of masculinity, and destination formulate some different leadership principles and choices in the countries.

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Business Negotiations

Both countries are highly oriented at achieving the result and effectiveness of their work. However, the negotiation principles may vary. Both nationalities pay much attention to the punctuality and the following of the dress code. Nevertheless, Danish approaches are far more formal as greeting and introduction are the part of the etiquette rather than a real involvement or concern. Moreover, the time spent at work is highly appreciated and evaluated in Denmark due to the effectiveness and work results unlike emotional connections. At the same time, nobody is used to hiding their feelings or being rude neither during negotiations nor during everyday life, which may depend on the small territory of the country (Kelly, 2015). However, the tolerance influences their humor that is far more reserved than in the USA, which may lead to some misunderstanding or curiosity concerning the actual ideas of the opponents during the negotiations.

Interpersonal Communication

As for interpersonal communication, it is rather different in the countries due to the cultural peculiarities and the ways of society formation in both countries. Both nations are welcoming and nice. However, Americans may be supposed to be warmer, when the Danish people are far more open and tolerant. The tolerance in the country and the understanding of the single mechanism of society make the Danish people far more responsible at their social places, while there is far more individualism among Americans and their superficial attitude to each other (Grieder, 2013). Therefore, the principle of single nation and the development without any mixtures of other cultures is far more helpful in controlling and establishing the goals on the national level and individual communication for the Danish people based on the respect. It can be compared to the artificially created United States through the revolutions, slavery utilization, and high level of mixture with other nationalities.

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Both countries have found their own approaches to complete successful management and leadership. However, Denmark demonstrates far more success in creating and following communication, leadership, and business negotiations principles and cultural unity of society because of its smaller territories and lower level of the immigration. Therefore, the business approaches and policies are far more transparent in Denmark than in the United States, where tolerance is the part of the naturally formulated culture in the former and is artificially prescribed by the legislation in the latter.

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