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Euthanasia is a medical act of the termination of patient’s life on his or her request in order to get rid of unbearable torment. This issue has been discussed in different countries, causing numerous views, theories, and experiences. In spite of the controversy of euthanasia, people suffering from incurable diseases support it. Although many experts consider that legalizing it places many people at risk, this question appears to be of the greatest importance to the public. This paper provides evidence that some terminally ill people choose euthanasia to terminate their lives and aims to improve practice and the care environment.


The problem of euthanasia has been chosen with the aim to improve practice and the care environment in accordance with student learning outcome # 5. This paper can help me reach my learning objectives through writing and improve my awareness of the issue. Moreover, the observation of euthanasia allows me acquire information competency, critical thinking, ethics, and library literacy. It may help to use new knowledge effectively in my future practice.

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Many opponents see euthanasia as a criminal act against individuals. According to Storch (2015), medical ethics denies it because physicians give the Oath of Hippocrates. Christianity and other religions oppose euthanasia because they believe that only God has the right to dispose a human being of life. On the other hand, doctors’ duty is to alleviate anguish and suffering of patients in case they cannot restore the human health. Limerick (2007) has reported that it is more ethical to terminate a human life if there is no hope for salvation. Furthermore, it is believed that every individual is a master of his or her life and has the right to decide how to act in the event of a terminal illness (Pattison, 2006). Therefore, it can be unreasonable to extend the life, which is full of suffering and pain. 

The Problem of Euthanasia

Pattison (2006) has reported that doctors and nurses have a moral responsibility for implementing euthanasia upon decision-making involving family members. In fact, it is an assisted suicide administered by physicians. It allows terminally ill people to stop their sufferings from incurable diseases. As a rule, such patients are a burden to their children or close ones because they cannot take care of themselves, think, talk, or walk. Oftentimes, family members have the right to ease the pain of their relatives too.

According to the research, in some cases of severe life-threatening conditions, a surrogate is legally appointed to make decisions for persons who are incapable to do this on their own (Limerick, 2007). The literature reveals that patients with untreatable diseases, such as terminal brain cancer, paralyzed, experiencing problems with breathing, vision and hearing, and even losing control of their bodily functions, are often videotaped making a plea for an assisted death (Storch, 2015). Thus, the comprehension of this issue encourages me to find perfect solutions to different problems in life.

Euthanasia and Course Student Learning Outcomes

The overview of the problem of euthanasia allows me to conduct research to collect and analyze data in accordance with the course student learning outcome, correlating them with my own objectives. Moreover, I have received a new competence in the issue of euthanasia, applying practice guidelines provided by different researchers and examples above to improve practice and the care environment.


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Thus, the problem of euthanasia contributes to my learning outcomes, encouraging me to improve my practice. In spite of its ethical controversies, it gives a chance to all stakeholders to find a better solution to the end of life. Although this issue has led to different views, people who suffer from incurable diseases support this idea. This question is of the greatest importance to the public, law enforcement agencies, and healthcare professionals, and it needs further research in order to make a reasonable decision. Finally, my research work has contributed to my critical thinking, information competency, library literacy, and ethics.

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