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There are various music sources where one can listen to music from,  therefore it may be  somehow daunting when one is looking for a source to hear music from. Different sources include the radio, TV, DVDs as well as CDs. Smart phones are also another source where one can listen to music. Many prefer live concerts where musicians perform on stage. Online sources of music are the other sources, which are recently growing very first.

Music listeners can enjoy music free from different websites. The sources do work differently and have distinct features. Spotify is one of the online music resources with more than a million tracks available for listeners whenever they want and no matter how many times they do. Pandora is another music source where one can listen to music of one’s favorite artists online. It is a nice place for one to discover the latest music. Another online source is the Last.fm, which happens to be quite great site with all round music for listening as well as downloading music. Grooveshark allows people to listen to as much online music as one can handle. Mog happens to be a heck for some means of for listening to music freely online with over 15 million tracks available for one to access. Another online music source is radio tuner where one can find radio stations all over an internet. Play list does encourage people to use the online free music within their library to customize playlists, which they can share with friends. At 8tracks, which is another online music media, songs are arranged into playlists of eight tracks, something that is done by listeners. AOL Radio may fail to have the whistles and bells as the rest of the other online music sources but it is hassle free as well as easy to use.             

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Radio (California)

Listening to most radio stations in California in general, one will find that content listening seems very popular, just as ever and it can be accessed in a number of increased formats. Apart from scattered stations all over the country, commercial radio news is made at the top of the hour, as news headlines  in most of the channels airing news that have been produced by a network from the outside. News or talk shows or addition of recent talks with different personalities happens to be a radio popular category only behind country music,  but this genre is filled with a lot of talks compared to news, most of which is nationally syndicated. Some of the radio stations do provide two – five minutes of the news broadcast for most local stations, which air them in between their regular programming, for instance, music and sports news. Music, content, and advertisements are featured the most at radio stations. Sports news is also featured but news gets the least of time except in the fm and am stations. Out of ten radio stations, only two can be categorized as all news and these are quite different from the rest, which feature news for five minutes only.

Most surprisingly is that out of ten channels, what one gets to hear in five minutes for listening to each channel is music, advertisements and personal talk. It is quite rear to hear news despite its importance. Audience seems to call  more to the music channels to contribute to discussions unlike in the all news category channels. This can make people draw the conclusion that the entertainment channels have more audience than the news channels.

Movie Project

Fast and Furious 6 is an American action film that was written by Chris Morgan and directed by Justin Lin. It was produced in the year 2013. The film was made to be the sixth installment within the film series Fast and Furious. The film stars a number of actors including Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michel Rodriguez, Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, Jordan Brewster, Sung Kang, Chris Bridges, Gina Carano, Luke Evans, and John Ortiz.

Fast six is distinct from Fast five in the sense that it has been taken from the pure car culture of Fast five to a true action film. The movie filming started in England. The film became the third film production to be allowed for filming in Piccadilly Circus. In every hour, the production was given two minutes for shutting down the filming area. A plane crash filming started in RAV Bovingdon and it was scheduled to go on till ninth November. Film shooting also took place in the Canary Islands in Spain, as well as Tenerife Island. There was editing in the filming since Lin could not get permission for filming an elaborate sequence of action that involved an oil tanker to explode and so the replica for the landmark got to be built at Shepertton. Owen Shaw’s flip car was developed to be faster than the rest of the raising cars. The movie was released on the 7th day of May 2013.   


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Cable Project

Watching different television channels in California gives one a very mixed experience since most TV channels show very different programs. Firs of all, some channels are meant for provision of adult content. These show action series, adventure series, as well as animated series, which are a TV show that is traditionally stop-motion or 3D or 2D computer animation. They also show cartoon series as well as anthology series and art, which does share similar traits just as art films.

There are television channels that feature children programs. They show documentaries, which depict the real world of children. They are educative for children since they show programs that help them learn the basics they need to go through their school activities. They also show cartoon drama for children’s entertainment. There are also the news channels that seem to show current events. Other channels show religious message. Most of channels watched are entertainment channels. Some of these are music television that shows music and artists as they perform. These are almost like Radio stations.

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