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1. Among the great number of the problem-solving models, it is possible to claim that every model has the same intention aiming at helping in a difficult situation. In particular, problem-solving models have similar steps, which allow finding quick an appropriate solution. The Z Problem Solving Model is one of the widespread models, which can be helpful in any situation. It consists of four elements represented in a zigzag form. There are four steps, including sensing, intuition, thinking and feeling (Willow Tree Training and Professional Development LLC, 2016). Sensing means looking at facts and details of the problem. Intuition helps understand the alternatives suggested by the facts and is used as the first look at the opportunities to solve the problem. Thinking is an objective part of analyzing the problem and solving it. Finally, the fourth stage helps feel the impact of the problem and evaluate the possible consequences of the decision.

Seven problem-solving steps are the common principles, which create a structured process that does not require additional instruments in the problem-solving process (The Happy Manager, 2016). The first step is finding the right problem, which means that it is better to find a problem before it arises. The second step lies in defining the problem. A problem should be considered as an opportunity. In addition, there is no need to combine all problems in a single one. The third step is analyzing the problem, which considers a thorough examination of facts about the situation. The fourth step lies in the development of opportunities, which can help solve the problem. Another step is to select the best solution, which will have the most appropriate influence on the outcomes of the problem. The sixth step considers implementation of the solution, which requires a special approach in the form of project management and the delivery of predicted consequences. The seventh step considers evaluation and learning the problem and its solution in order to remember the facts, which formulated the experience. In general, all seven steps contribute to the systematic problem-solving process, which can benefit any situation and solve the most complicated problem.

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2. A customer service strategy is a complex process, which requires additional attention in order to create an optimal strategy for meeting customer’s needs. It is possible to outline six variables, which should be considered in the development of the customer service strategy. Planning, infrastructure, culture, low touch and high touch customers, consumption behavior, and market segmentation comprise the list of variables belonging to the customer service strategy.

Planning is a part of the customer service strategy development, which helps outline appropriate goals. It is a helpful element in outlining the focus of the managers in the accomplishment of the strategy’s aspirations. In fact, planning is a variable, which sets the direction of the strategy development.

An infrastructure is another valuable element, which consists of people, information supporting customer service and physical facilities. In fact, all components represent an environment, which should satisfy customer’s needs. Infrastructure has a high potential and should be used in order to create an optimal customer service strategy.

Culture is another variable regulating the development of the strategy, which aligns with the cultural beliefs, values and traditions. It refers both to the customer and to the company. Employees represent internal customers, which need to have inspiration and encouragement to follow specific concepts.

Low touch and high touch customers formulate another variable, which should help in the determining the target audience. For example, high touch customers are interested in a high level of communication with the company. Low customers do not care about the level of customer service.

Consumption behavior and market segmentation help create groups of customers with the same attributes. These elements determine the target audience and help create an optimal customer service strategy for the specific categories of customers.

3. In order to create an effective customer service system, it is necessary to consider several factors, which have a direct influence on its development. For example, customer contact is a significant part in shaping the essence of the customer service system. It is impossible to develop and deliver a customer service system without consideration of the customer contact level. It can be defined by conducting a survey among customers in order to evaluate, which type of interaction will be the most appropriate for them (Grossberg, 2015).


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The following techniques also help create an effective customer service system, which can meet the needs of both the company and its clients. First, the company needs to train its employees in order to deliver high-quality services. Trained managers are capable of handling routine performance with high intensity of customer inquiries. In this way, it will be possible to take care of the customer’s satisfaction level without compromising on the quality of services. In addition, internal job satisfaction level has a direct influence on the quality of customer services offered by the company.

Secondly, the company needs to take care of creating several channels for services delivery. For example, it is possible to create a multichannel system of customer service by investing in the company’s technological upgrade (Kwan & Hottum, 2014). New technologies can help create and optimize a call center and respond to the customer’s needs immediately. In this way, it is possible to ensure customer’s satisfaction due to the availability of the company throughout the day. In addition, technology remains the supporting element of the company’s evolution.

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Thirdly, the company’s service system should ensure that the promises given to the customer are fulfilled. Otherwise, the customer will not be willing to turn to the services of the company again. In addition, the call center should ensure that every customer remains satisfied with every activity delivered by the company. It has a direct connection to the company’s reputation and image, which have a significant influence on further business development and growth.

4. Among the numerous communication methods, it is possible to outline five major ones, which tend to prevail in the contemporary business world. The methods include written communications, oral communications, face-to-face communications, online communications and advertising (Flosi, Fraccastoro, & Moss, 2010).

On the one hand, written communication helps deliver clear statements in a written form to the intended recipient. It is helpful enough in the delivery of tax liabilities and various payment details. However, it is a time-consuming element, which can waste time of every manager. In contrast to the oral communication, it has more guarantees that facts are not fabricated. However, the speed of exchanging information in a written form is low enough to believe that online communication is more appropriate for communication.

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Online communication became a valuable part of the business world, which has its benefits. It helps share important information immediately without any delay. However, it is easy to mistake in the selection of the recipients, which means that there is a threat to the informational security in the company. In contrast, face-to-face communication or oral communication has a lower risk of breaking the informational security.

Face-to-face communication is similar to the oral communication. However, it considers that the information is shared with specific partners. In such way, it delivers information to the target audience without any hesitation or doubts. In contrast to online communication, it has a lower speed of delivery, which relates to the busy schedules of the conversation’s participants.

Finally, advertising is a completely different type of the communication process, which helps the company reach its target audience, including customers, partners and suppliers. In other words, the company offers to see its advantages and success achievements. In contrast to other types of communication, it has no delay in the delivery of information as long as it is in the interests of the company’s development.

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5. A retailing business considers selling products and services to customers by means of multiple channels. As long as retailing business has a high level of competition, it is necessary to know more about the customer’s intelligence and its development in a retailing business. Customer intelligence considers a collection of information regarding the target audience of the company, which allows creating of optimal products and services.

The process of collecting information is the first step towards the development of customer intelligence in the retailing business. It is a reference data, which indicates a geographical location of the potential customers. Consequently, there appears an opportunity to deliver outstanding customer service and understand the customer’s preferences according to the area of living. Transaction data, in its turn, helps analyze the customer’s activity and consumption behavior. It is a process of evaluating the customer’s purchasing ability with the help of surveys, questionnaires and online forum discussions. For example, click tracking can enhance the customer’s intelligence and show the company initial interests of the customers in the specific products and services. In addition, the customer’s purchase history can be valuable for further development of the retailing business. In such business, a company is capable of conducting mystery shopping, which can help understand the customer’s attitude to the products and services of the company. In addition, it assists in identifying the primary advantages and disadvantages of the retailing business, which requires continuous monitoring. In general, the actions described above can easily help evaluate the customer’s needs and interests, which are valuable in the development of the retailing business.

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