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Business development is a complex process that requires rapid changes in the company’s organizational structure and performance management process in general. This is a challenging task that requires considering a myriad of options available for a company in the world of tough competition. The following discussion is a reflection of the case analysis that reveals the performance of one of the most successful dairy companies in Australia – Bega Cheese. First, it will analyze a biological and resource-based perspective of changes that took place within the company. It is an essential stage that introduces the scope of changes and the company’s ability to maintain the implementation of changes. Further, the paper goes on to discuss changes in the organizational structure and its effects on the company’s sustainability. It will be helpful in envisioning the structure of the company and business evolution. Finally, the paper will consider the company’s values and beliefs that penetrate into the company’s activity at every level of its performance. By the end of the paper, it will be possible to realize the company’s change process, strategy, learning, and people management.

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Biological and Resource-Based Perspective of Changes at Bega Cheese

First, it is essential to mention about the implementation of a quality system at Bega Cheese, which facilitated creation of a strict quality control system. As long as the company performs in the field of diary production, it is essential to take care of the norms and standards of the manufacturing process. In fact, the company managed to implement the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system within the factory and the farm. In this way, Bega Cheese takes care not only of the manufacturing processes and internal conditions, but also of the resources used in the production of cheese. The idea of the quality control system is to eliminate the potential issues in the manufacturing process related to resources. The company uses Critical Control Points (CCP), which help to evaluate the hazards in the production of cheese. The quality control system regulates every stage of the company’s performance including development, packaging, and distribution (Bushfield, 2010). In this way, the company aims to minimize costs spent on the elimination of problems. In addition, the system helps to prevent the company from facing negative feedback from clients, which means that it is a guarantee for the outstanding reputation and image of Bega Cheese. From the biological point of view, the company takes care of its pharmaceutical safety by using quality control system for addressing physical, biological, and chemical hazards. The quality control system has a preventive character and successfully contributes to the outstanding quality of the company’s products. In addition to biological safety, Bega Cheese also has a thorough control of the resources received from its suppliers. Otherwise, there would be no sense in the internal control of the company’s raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Further, it is worth mentioning that Bega Cheese realized the need to grow and take care of the company’s expansion. As soon as the company felt a significant growth of demand for the its products, it became necessary to re-think the strategy of raw materials and take care of the manufacturing process at the same time. Therefore, the company added a new maturation room, which helped to expand the amount of cheese it could produce without a risk to waste resources. As for the financial resources, the company found an appropriate investment idea, which flowed from the Tax Act. It allowed the company to borrow financial resources from state governments. In this way, the company took care not only of its raw materials, but also of its financial resources, which helped it to continue the implementation of the strategic plan.

New Organizational Forms at Bega Cheese

First, it is essential to discuss the changes in the senior management organization. In fact, although the composition of senior management may look common, it changed the overall performance of the company after its implementation. It is important to mention that the CEO started regulating the performance of such job positions as human resource manager, supply chain manager, operations manager, commercial manager, international business manager, and general manager. Each position represents the responsibilities and focus of a particular department. It is obvious that this way of organizing is the most appropriate framework for further development of the company and its inclusion in the international trade (Gibson, 2011). Every manager is responsible for a narrow field of company’s performance. However, the CEO continues to coordinate the performance of each department. In this way, the company is capable of taking care of its sustainability at every level of performance (Wincek, Sousa, Myers, & Ozog, 2014). Furthermore, the organizational structure of the company became a key aspect of its innovational and developmental change.


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As for the development, the company introduced a TAFE NSW training program for its employees. It introduced a training coordinator, who takes care of the performance of employees and aims to fix problems in the performance process as soon as they occur. The main competence of the coordinator is to accompany employees in the process of recruiting and training. In this way, the company applies the most effective training practices in the working environment. The company offers candidates for any position to undergo a training course and obtain Certificate II Food Processing, which provides the potential employees with appropriate skills and prepares them for the responsibilities in the workplace. The third level of the program prepares highly qualified employees for the myriad of responsibilities in order to meet high standards of the performance process at Bega Cheese.

In addition to the training process, the company included a strict selection process of the employees. It does not accept employees with negative reputation, those burdened by criminal activity or medical complications. In this way, the company aims to protect its employees and products from low quality (Bulut & Culha, 2010). From the point of changes in the organization process, the company aimed to reach the most beneficial point of training and selection process in order to nourish its departments with highly qualified staff.

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The Effect of Changes for Long-Term Sustainability and Growth

It is important to admit that the company’s organizational changes had a positive impact on the strategic development and overall sustainability of business. It is possible to discuss the company’s ability to achieve success in the light of changes that took place after its optimization of the organizational structure.

First, it is essential to admit that the company’s performance became more organized and sustainable thanks to the distribution of labor. In particular, the inclusion of several managers in the organizational structure of the company helped to avoid misunderstanding and mistakes different spheres (Gruner, 2014). In combination with a strict quality control system, it became possible to regulate tightly the performance of every department. In addition, it is possible to predict that thanks to the division of labor, the company will be capable of re-engineering its performance process at any stage of its development (Mwanzia & Wong, 2011). It is a significant element in the performance management, which will be helpful in the improvement of different processes taking place within the company’s departments. Furthermore, it is necessary to mention that Bega Cheese selected an effective approach towards management and has been following high quality standards from the beginning of its activity. A detailed organizational structure will only help to monitor the performance of every department and its employees and define areas that  require immediate improvement (Sikdar & Payyazhi, 2014). From the point of sustainability, it is one of the most essential elements in the development of a stable business background, which can help to implement any plan.

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Further, it is necessary to mention the importance of the training and selection processes. The company continues to find ways to optimize training programs in order to select the best employees. It is one of the most important elements in business sustainability that require special attention. The company aims to meet the needs of its customers by continuous quality improvement. Bega Cheese realizes that it can be possible only by means of a continuous employee upgrade. As a result, it is possible to predict that the company’s efforts towards creating an optimal training session will be rewarded by a stable position in the market (Owens, 2016). In addition, the company will have a reputation of a reliable employer capable of providing its employees with comfortable working conditions and development program.

Artifacts, Values and Beliefs, and Assumptions at Bega Cheese

One of the most obvious values at Bega Cheese is quality, which penetrates every stage of the company’s performance. It is a key aspect of development of every department that leads to the production of high quality products. Quality has a direct connection to another value of the company, which is customer satisfaction. The company dedicates its performance and quality control measures to regulate the level of customer satisfaction. It is a significant regulator of the company’s activity, which inspires it to continue its movement towards success.

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Another element in the company’s list of values is competition. Bega Cheese realizes that competition within food industry, in particular in the dairy production, is extremely high. From this point of view, the company desires to be an optimal leader in the field of its performance. In combination with competition, the company values its reputation, which is another essential aspect of successful performance. Bega Cheese performs in the most efficient way in order to support the reputation of a reliable employer and trustworthy dairy products manufacturer. In addition, the company emphasizes the importance of reputation to its performance and does not want to burden its name with mistakes. It is difficult to live up to reputation, and the company understands its role in shaping the chances of success achievement.

The main artifact in the company’s performance is innovation, which is the key to the company’s optimization. Bega Cheese understands the need to move towards future by nourishing its performance process with the latest technologies. In this way, it is possible to promote the company’s competitiveness and market position. In addition, the company believes that there is a solution to any situation. For example, if the company needs to purchase new technologies and does not have enough financial resources, it can find various ways to attract investors and continue the implementation of its strategic plan.

Finally, employees represent another important element in the company’s performance. The company aims to equally satisfy the needs of its employees and customers. It values highly qualified employees and does everything to provide them with appropriate working conditions. In this way, the company aims to build relations with employees full of respect, support, and understanding (Simosi, 2012). Hopefully, the company will continue to treat its employees with the same affection and care.

Change Process, Strategy, Learning, and People Management at Bega Cheese

From the case analysis, it is possible to infer that Bega Cheese values a change process as one of the crucial elements in business growth and evolution. However, the company does everything to make this process free from tension, stress, and unnecessary costs. Wise business decisions help the company to keep the change process flawless and natural (Whelan-Berry & Somerville, 2010). For example, the implementation of a two-level training program for new employees is the best proof of the company’s understanding of change management. Bega Cheese does not want to make the performance within its borders tough for new employees. The company is willing to help its employees to accommodate to changes as fast as possible. It is an effective approach, which can boost performance of any business willing to win the international market and to achieve a stable position within a local market.

As for the strategy, the company does not use aggressive behavior to win the market or obtain additional competitive benefits. It aims to reach a compromise in every challenging task, which can be difficult to accomplish. However, the company understands that every difficult situation has its solution. In addition, the company has an outstanding sense of quality regulation, which is the primary key to business sustainability. In general, the company’s ability to navigate through the organizational structure combined with innovation and technological upgrade is one of the most significant elements of its strategy.

Learning and people management at Bega Cheese also requires additional attention. The company is not afraid to promote its employees and assign complex projects and a myriad of responsibilities to them. In this way, the company welcomes talented minds and appreciates the efforts of the employees aimed at success. Career building initiatives at Bega Cheese find its support within the company. The company believes that its strict selection process is the best guarantee of the low employee turnover rate. Moreover, the company proves that it is the most effective way of maintaining high quality standards of the performance process. In general, Bega Cheese uses various ways to support its brand, reputation, and image, which find their reflection in the company’s growth and development.

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In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that Bega Cheese is an outstanding company that managed to win the loyalty of its customers thanks to the sense of responsibility for the quality of products. From the point of customer satisfaction, the company started to think about re-organization and continuous innovation. Further, the company came to the point, where employees became crucial to the quality of the manufacturing process. As a result, Bega Cheese implemented a complex training program that did not interfere with the activities of employees and taught them how to improve their skills in the workplace. In this way, the company learned how to take care of every department and have an appropriate system of resource management. Finally, Bega Cheese created a stable system of management and took care of its employees by providing them with favorable working conditions. The contemporary stage of the company’s development allows predicting that Bega Cheese will increase its sustainability and strategic success thanks to its value of standards and performance principles. The case proved that the company’s aspirations, values, and standards are crucial to the evolution of business.

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