Concept of Time and the Rate of Change

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The factor of time is an essential aspect in development of various things; whether for artificial or live objects, time plays a paramount role. Indeed, any progress that an organization seeks to achieve is deemed to excel if the concept of time is put into consideration. The time taken by a given process or entity to mature and perhaps make the maximum out of any chosen investment is important. Essentially, through the advancement of social change in the society and the development of modern technology, it has become increasingly possible to allocate time to different activities and prioritize its importance.

For instance, people have made slot for leisure after work or established a vacation period in which one sets to relax during holidays. Similarly, in the advent of technological advancement, there has been a widespread division of work into segments that are attributed to certain influence. In fact, many companies in the world mark their production or capacity building day once in a year. Such time is set aside purposely for a particular aspect of activity. Similarly, during the closure times for organizations before a holiday, the departmental managers tend to allocate time more compactly with a series of activities being planned consecutively through increased tempo.

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During the working hours or period, certain aspects of time are definitely more amenable than others. In fact, when a set of activities seems to override routine-based events, it is practical to have such activities following each other without hurting the schedule of the routine processes. For instance, in any institution of learning, the activities of the day are always preceded by an array of classroom organization and other preparation procedures before the actual learning process. In religious setting, certain days are set purposely for specific occasion. For instance, in Christianity, the Easter Holiday is established for just a single day in a year. Despite other probably overriding activities in any year, the holiday based on a certain period may be concretely not amendable.

Are certain aspects of time more amenable to social change than others?

Indeed, certain aspects of time are more amenable to social change than others. For instance, on account of personal leisure, some people prefer listening to music while others choose jogging in the field. While at it, other individuals like visiting friends. On account of the latter group of events, people may change the time for each activity or even substitute the activity with another one of personal preference. Such choices would represent an amendment of an aspect of time due to social change. Furthermore, taking an instance when someone plans their day to take a walk before mid-day leisure on a Friday; however, on Friday, there is a heavy down pour in the morning crossing over to mid-morning. As an outcome of the weather condition, the individual may decide to complete their homework in the morning and then take a walk in the afternoon. The change in routine presents a shift in the manipulation the leisure time. Similarly, some religion insists on people visiting the places of worship; while at the same time, individuals may perform their worship at homes depending on the prevailing circumstances (Lecture, 7/14).

Sadly, an event of the assassination of a national leader may compel the government to declare a certain work day or a public holiday in mourning for the departed. Under such circumstances, no matter how critical a work day could be, it is subjected to affirmative action, and such aspect of time is coerced to change with respect to the prevailing conditions. In fact, time is essential in daily planning of activities. Often, the informal sector of work has a more flexible schedule relative to the formal setting. Indeed, the personal time claims a more flexible routine of work than the work sector, although softly manipulated by other forces of nature. For instance, the Nandi community, which is essentially a pastoral community, has a daily schedule for the grazing of cattle, milking and construction of huts among others.

On account of time, there exists minimal flexibility in terms of time for grazing and the regarded time for construction of huts. Similarly, since the community does not cultivate food crops, it implies that their society will be coerced into trading for food to supplement the livestock food products. In this regard, some time is allocated for the series of trading activities, and certain processes may be subjected to change with respect to time and the social event at hand. For instance, if the family has a traditional marriage at hand, the business day may be temporarily suspended for the wedding day. Therefore, it is an aspect of amendment to time based on social change or occurrence of events. However, on similar accounts, the grazing of animals may be impossible to suspend regardless of the social event since the animals must graze. As a result, inflexible procedures indicate a tempo for a specifically scheduled series of events. In this regard, the temporal aspect of social life is quite important in day-to-day businesses.


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Informal Settings

Time shifting for events may be relatively easy in informal settings than the formal ones. In birthday parties, the music system may also change due to a number of factors. Similarly, food items may also change significantly. On the account of time, menu and music changes may lead to a shift in time allocated for the party owing to the preliminary preparation events that make the overall planning a mess. One of the main issues that avert the effectiveness of preparation is the concept of duration. In fact, cautious use of duration entails one paying particular attention to understanding significant social actors besides considering the historical aspect of the present event. Therefore, understanding of duration provides room for contemplating on unity factor defined by a beginning and an end as well as constancy or series of any event. However, the identification of beginning and end may be more elusive and tasking to engage (Aminzade).

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