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The research concerns small but considerably developed country in Asia: Singapore. The paper is aimed at proving that this country meets all the requirements to be on the top list of the destinations for Meetings-Incentive-Conferences-Events (MICE).

Singapore is a small country, but this fact does not minor all the preferences this country has. Starting from the poor country with no economic growth under the good management of Lee Quan Yew, Singapore raised to the highest level. Now, it is a country with stable economic and financial situation, one of the best countries to live in and also one of the busiest regions of the planet. It is the Second Safest Country in the World, 5th in the World and 1st in Asia for being the least corrupted, the most transparent country in the world: these are just a few awards won by Singapore starting from 2011 until now.

Singapore is quite attractive to the tourists and businessmen from every corner of the world. In 2013, it was named the 2nd best city in the world for business events (Singapore tourism board, 2014). Therefore, a big number of different business meetings and conferences are taking place there every year. Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau (SECB) is the leading government agency that aims to develop partnership and collaboration with business organizations, thus, the amount of business events with the help of SECB is rising every year.

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Business Events

In 2014, Singapore hosts range of different global events such as Asia Pacific Maritime 2014 (March 19-21), Food and Hotel Asia 2014 (April), BroadcastAsia 2014 & CommunicAsia2014 (June 17-20), International Dental Exhibition and Meeting (IDEM) Singapore 2014 (April 4-6), International Furniture Fair Singapore 2014 (March 13-16), Medical Fair Asia 2014 (September 9-11), Singapore Airshow 2014 (February 11-16). These events are beyond the great amount of various MICE exhibitions and meetings, which are taking place in Singapore every day and are listed on the official page in the Internet (Your Singapore, 2014).

The research of Caribbean Tourism Organization stated that 30% of profit earned by Singapore’s tourism revenue is due to the MICE (Department of statistics Singapore, 2014) because Singapore understands the value of business events and their role in the economic growth of the country. The hostility, environment, and overall help are the main factors that help to increase the number of business events held in Singapore.

Local Factors. Language, Culture

Although Singapore is a young country, its infrastructure has high level of development. Having no natural resources, Singaporean government managed to build a new up-to-date country attractive to the businessmen and tourists from all over the world. Singapore is quite convenient country for tourism, first of all because one of the four official languages of Singapore is English. It is widely spoken on the whole territory of the country, which simplifies the communication process. Even though Singapore is a melting pot of cultural traditions, there are the remains of British, Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures in the life of the country. The government has chosen the right direction, which turned this distinguished culture onto their advantage. However, people are coming to Singapore not only due to the cultural heritage. Everyone wants to see how the poor country managed to turn into luxurious and experience the other type of life (Singapore tourism board, 2014).


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In the event industry, there are many factors that form the background for successful MICE. Here, support facilities refer to a big amount of factors, which include transport system, developed infrastructure, skilled support, etc.

Transport System

The transport system of Singapore proves the convenience of the country to host the business events. In Singapore, Changi Airport is the sixth busiest airport in the world with annual number of passengers over 42 million. It boarders more than 5000 departures a week (Department of statistics Singapore, 2014). It proves the convenience for the participants of the event to get to Singapore regardless how far they reside. Singapore is also proud of its developed taxi system. It has more than 15,000 cars in its auto park; the drivers are skilled, and the pay is reasonable (Department of statistics Singapore, 2014). It must be noted that in Singapore, it is considerably expensive and inconvenient for the citizens to have their private cars and thus, they all use public transport including taxi. It explains the low quantity of cars on the roads. In turn, there are no traffic jams in Singapore. Using public transport is safe and easy, which refers to the importance to make the MICE convenient for every attending participant.

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The industry of Singapore is growing day after day and thus, there are a lot of skilled specialists in the MICE system. Moreover, there are a lot of institutions that specialize on working with industry players to ensure that the staff has all the relevant information and people are ready to collaborate on every demanded issue.

The Main Conference and Meeting Destinations

Singapore can give accommodation to every type of event, but it has to be noted that it is also capable of hosting the luxurious and prestige events. The Singapore Expo and the Suntec Singapore together with Marina Bay Sand resort provide the highest quality of the MICE. The Resorts World Sentosa has the compass ballroom: the largest ballroom in the region. The Marina Bay Sand has won the award as the Asia’s Best MICE hotel, and also it is one of the best convention and exhibition centers in Asia (Singapore tourism board, 2014).

Governmental Support

Besides comfortable infrastructure in Singapore, the governmental support is also significantly important. The government of Singapore plays quite active part in promoting the country to be one of the best destinations for holding MICE. In 2010, the government has launched the “yourSingapore” drive, where everyone can find information about the scheduled business events. Moreover, one can find the relevant information on the ways of hosting the event of certain organization in Singaporean MICE (Your Singapore, 2014).

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