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Thesis Statement

“Is a writing assignment just a professor’s another whim and is given to torment already downloaded students or is aimed at receiving some hidden purpose?” that is the question. And despite the answer is clear without explanations, students still put enough efforts to make themselves set their writing work. Moreover, the vast majority of students face with even a bigger problem, which is creating a solid thesis statement. This article is going to help you resolve the emerged difficulty and come up with a good sentence or two that would present the topic of your paper and your general position towards it.

First of all, let’s define what a thesis statement is and what role it plays in your paper. A thesis statement is a synopsis, a road map for your essay, usually presented in one or two sentences at the end of the first paragraph. A thesis is nothing else than an argument, a way you offer a reader to understand a subject or a topic of your essay. A claim you provide a reader with in your thesis statement is a mean with the help of which you gather, organize, develop, direct and explain the rest of the paper. The reason why writing assignments are favorite home tasks of most of the professors is because while working on them a student learns to convince and persuade and soon is able to implement this valuable knowledge in practice.

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Judging from the extended definition above, we can see that it is not a good idea to create your thesis statement immediately after reading an assignment. Writing a thesis statement is a time consuming task, which requires a thorough examination and a profound knowledge of a topic you are writing about. It is necessary to look for solid, persuasive evidences that would back up the main ideas of your essay and would reflect your view concerning a subject or a topic. Keep in mind that your thesis isn’t a summary of main thoughts (for this you have a conclusive paragraph at the end of your essay), but an informative, directly related to a topic argument with the help of which you get a reader acquainted with your essay and persuade him or her to follow the subsequent facts and evidences.

To make sure your thesis statement is strong enough and can be passed for revision, check once more whether:

  • the focus of the question isn’t missed;
  • a thesis statement is specific and direct to your paper;
  • your position is vivid from the beginning;
  • your thesis might challenge and oppose the position of others.

Hope, you will find our thesis writing tips helpful enough and will in full enjoy your writing process.