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How to Write a Creative Essay Title

Did you know that the title of an essay is as important as its content? For this reason, it is very useful to have skills for writing creative titles. The title of any paper has to provide the main idea of the writing. To come up with a good title, imagine that you have to sum up your essay in several words. And if you have chosen the wrong words, which do not reflect the main idea and do not intrigue the target audience, chances are high that nobody will read it. Therefore, if your essay is actually good and worth reading, you have to make every effort to provide a title that instantly grabs attention and attracts readers.

If you need some assistance in creating good titles, you can you the tips below. As your major goal is initiating action or inviting readers, you should endeavor to get an interest of the audience.

Use Intrigue

Why not to use some intrigue in order to get the attention of the readers? Actually, people gravitate towards titles, which they consider intriguing. Such titles instigate people to continue reading and get to the point of the intrigue. For instance, there was a book named I Shot the President. In normal language, this title almost means the murder of the President. However, the meaning of the word “shot” in the context actually is pertaining to photography and shoots. People became interested and bought this book as it contained awesome portraits of the President. Try using the same strategy for the title of your paper.

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Use Original Words

In particular kinds of essays, writers use titles, which exceed one word. You should understand that this is effective only in that case if the title calls for an action of getting to know what that word means or symbolizes. If you like this approach and want to use it as well, use it, but only for descriptive essays.

An example of this approach would be the use of the title “New Moon” in your paper. Due to this title, readers become intrigued and start questioning why the paper is named like this. Maybe, your paper is about a particular event that took place when a new moon was up in the sky. To motivate readers, use short-title approach so that they want to know why this title was selected to represent the essay.

Creative essay titles convince readers to take one more look at the writing without getting much information upfront. If you know how to use this unique strategy, your readers will always be interested in your papers.