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Using an Essay Pattern

Writing an essay, bear in mind that a persuasive paper is your way to present your point of view and make a reader believe it is worth trusting it. The main goal is to lead a person through the arguments to a contrasting side of the issue they gave weight to before. Therefore, a persuasive essay is the kind of writing that involves many confusing aspects. For sure, an author has to be skillful and have a natural aptitude to convince people as it is not that easy to crash stereotypes and give credence to something they never believed in.

Thankfully, in our time there is a saving tool for those who have problems in completing their assignments. If you doubt your composing abilities, try to use a persuasive essay ready model. It will definitely help you to hammer out the facts and make the text easy to perceive. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that with the use of the pattern, everything is settled, you still need to do your own investigation to find solid arguments concerning the thesis you have formulated.

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Below is one of the most beneficial type of template. It consists of five paragraphs and their components. It is proved to be user-oriented, convenient, and constructive. We’ll demonstrate the advantages of such a sample by explaining it in detail.

Begin each paragraph with an introduction, present there the problem that requires its solution. Then give three or more arguments. It can be a real fact or example that illustrates your position.

Finally, formulate a logical conclusion.

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Arguments (at least three)
  • 2.1 Facts
  • 2.2 Examples
  • 3. Conclusion

This method is well-structured and at the same time very simple. It is approachable and comprehensible for anyone to create a piece of writing expressing his or her own view on something. Additionally, there are other significant items, which have to be maintained. For example, the tone is also a very important feature of the article. It sets a particular mood and suggests an action to the audience.

As far as the paper is persuasive, your goal is to talk someone into and make an individual change his/her mind regarding the issue. You can influence the reader by specific strategies of fear, oppression, compulsion, etc., accenting on the meaning of their resolution and further actions. You can have a good result by applying sound reasoning.

The most favorable outcome you should reach is to make a difference and leave a footprint. Usually, the best persuasive essays are not the ones filled with scientifically proved details and right grammatical structures, but those which reflect a deep insight into a problem and the eagerness to solve it. Your self-righteousness and personal involvement are always felt through lines.