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Is the Word It a Noun

Is the Word “It” a Noun?

Have you ever asked your teacher (or anyone else) a question if the word “it” is a noun? Whether you have asked this question before or not, you might be interested in it now. So let us see how we can answer it!

What is a noun and what is a pronoun? What are the circumstances under which the word “it” can be considered a noun? What is the difference between pronouns and nouns? We are going to answer all these questions in this article!

What Is the Definition of a Noun?

A noun is defined as a word utilized to name a thing, a place, a person, or an abstract idea. There are two groups of nouns: they are concrete and abstract ones.

What Is the Definition of a Pronoun?

A pronoun is defined as a word which takes the noun’s place in a sentence. For example, the words like “we”, “us”, “he”, or “she” are called pronouns.
For example, in a sentence “A girl who works in a beauty salon thinks she is the prettiest one”, the word “girl” is a noun and the word “she” is a pronoun that replaces it to avoid repetition.

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Is the Word “It” a Noun or a Pronoun?

Let us take a look at an example: “I like this cat because it is very sweet and friendly.” What do you think, is the word “it” here a noun or a pronoun? Does it name something, or is it placed in a sentence instead of another noun?

As you can see, the word “it” serves as a replacement to the noun “cat” in this example. Therefore, it is a pronoun here.

Can the Word “It” Be Used as a Noun?

Actually, it can. The word “it” can be called a noun if it is utilized as a proper name for a thing. For instance, in Stephen King’s novel “It”, this word serves as a noun, because it is the book’s proper name. In addition, if you give “It” as a name to someone (for example, your dog), this word will be a proper noun. In both cases mentioned above, this word needs to be written with a capital letter.

What Is the Distinction between Nouns and Pronouns?

The main distinction is the rule that pronouns cannot be written with an apostrophe to demonstrate possession. For example, you can say “girl’s” but you cannot say “her’s”. Or, you can say “Jacob’s” but you cannot say “your’s”.

Do you have any more grammar-related questions? Feel free to ask, and we will do our best to answer!