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It should always be remembered that any highlighting disturbs the uniformity of the text and thereby reduces the comfort of reading and, as a consequence, the perception of information. Therefore, highlighting should be discarded in all unjustified cases. However, headlines are the fragments of text that need to be highlighted and emphasized. Here is a list of the most common title highlighting techniques.

Capital Letters

This method of formatting was widely used as inscriptions on monuments. The tradition of this technique dates back to the times of the Roman Empire with its craving for greatness. This type of highlighting is suitable for the titles, in which short words predominate. Capital letters make long words poorly readable.

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The italicization is a priority way of the font highlighting, which does not disturb the overall picture of the typing. Initially, the italic font was an analog of the handwritten text, but over time, it lost this similarity, becoming simply an inclined version of the main typeface. This tendency contributes to the fact that the italic typing is losing its attractiveness and strength as a way of highlighting.

Boldfaced Type

The boldface is good for highlighting headings. It is worth noting that the heavy-face type of the main font size is enough to highlight the text, so do not change the size of the letters. Only in special cases, a bold type can be combined with different font sizes, for example, for titles of different levels.

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Changing the Set

It is not recommended to mix different sets in one text, although this way of highlighting accentuates the attention of the audience. Each type has its own unique style and logic of construction. Because of the mixing of the sets, there is a confrontation between two different styles, which in most cases interferes with adequate perception. Mixing styles requires a lot of experience, understanding of font styles and knowledge of their creation, as well as an unrivaled sense of taste.

Letter Spacing

Letter spacing consists in using a font set with enlarged spaces between letters. The same font as in the main text is used here, but it is perceived differently. It is suitable for highlighting one or more words. A whole line and even a few lines typed in this way, make reading difficult. It means that this method is suitable only for short titles that consist of small words.