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Short Essay on Indian Culture

If you need to write an essay about Indian culture, here is an example that may help you to get started.

Indian culture has a rich history and is defined by its mesmerizing cultural diversity. It may be hard to believe but the South, North, and Northeast of India have their own unique traditions. Indian cuisine, as well as religion and philosophy, has a massive impact on the entire world which makes it absolutely worth discovering:

  • India is an extremely varied country in terms of religion. Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism have originated in India. Having such strong religious diversity, one may wonder how people of different denominations manage to live peacefully. Thankfully, the Constitution of India grants every citizen the right to practice any religion they want. A startling fact is that Christianity in India is as old as Christianity itself.
  • Culture. When writing an essay on Indian culture, one should place a special emphasis on cultural values. A truly unique Indian tradition is touching feet of elders. This way, young people show their reverence to elders. However, the person whose feet one touches should be older or have significant spiritual accomplishments.

    When arriving in India, you will be greeted by a traditional greeting Namaste which means “I bow to you.”

  • Family Structure. Traditional Indian family consists of more than one generation residing in a shared house. The grandfather is the major authority in the family hierarchy. Although this tradition is long-standing and family-unifying, it loses its popularity. Nowadays, the Indian people increasingly practice nuclear family system.
  • Marriage in India. Appearing as a shock for people from Western countries, India still follows the tradition of arranged marriage. In practice, it means that parents decide on the spouse for their children. Although the tradition is fairly long-standing, it has undergone some changes. In particular, nowadays, a girl and a boy are asked whether they want to enter into marriage with a particular person. Interestingly enough, the divorce rate in India is exceptionally low.
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  • Wedding Rituals. Weddings in India are usually translated into huge festivals. However, it is absolutely up to the groom and bride whether to observe all of the elements of the ceremony or not. To the most long-standing and popular rituals belong father gifts his daughter; the groom takes the bride’s hand as a sign of their union; bride and groom take seven vows after which they are legally married.
  • Indian Cuisine. India abounds in scrumptious food. Indian cuisine is defined by its diversity and uniqueness. The way a particular dish is prepared is wholly dependent on the region.
    Indian cuisine is characterized by an abundance of spices and herbs. You can try uniquely cooked meat and even vegetarian dishes. The main ingredients of Indian dishes are wheat, rice, and chana.
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  • Clothing. The clothing in India varies. People may wear both traditional and modern cloths. Infants are usually covered in langoti and loincloths. Traditional dress for women is sari, and men wear dhoti.

Different sorts of earrings, bangles, and other jewelry are also very characteristic of India. Bindi which is worn on foreheads is a distinctiveness by which one can identify an Indian woman almost everywhere in the world.