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Redundancy Problem: Choosing Proper Essay Words


It is a common situation when a piece of any writing is cluttered up with a lot of unnecessary phrases or vocabulary throughout the text. It frequently happens when there is a specific requirement regarding word count in a certain assignment; therefore, there is a tendency to pad the text with extra essay words. However, this inclusion of phrases and words to the text mostly has a negative impact on the quality of the assignments, adding nothing to the content.

One of the major deficiencies of written assignments is redundancy referred to as overlapping of words or superfluous repetition. It is considered one of the least beneficial aspects of all types of communication in all forms of writing. In most cases, adding excessive details that are not required to improve the content may prevent the readers from seeing the wood if there are too many trees. The literary quality of the text will suffer instead of being improved. It is crucial to focus on the essence and the major ideas that you are trying to convey in the assignments.

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Redundancy Avoidance

All types of writing are more effective if they are tight and concise. Therefore, repetitive phrases, jargon, as well as meaningless words, overloaded sentences, and pompous structures cause significant reduction in the effect of writing on the reading. Here you can see vivid examples of how the writing can be tightened and the same content be presented in a more comprehensible and concise way:

– It was that boy from the neighborhood who made up his mind to deal with the writing assignments given at the university (redundant).

– The neighbor boy decided to do the university writing assignments (concise and comprehensible).

– All things taken into account, the members of the University Student Union will take the arguments presented by all the students in terms of living conditions, and summarize the opinions at the open meeting during the voting procedure on Tuesday the following week (redundant).

– The University Student Union will announce the voting results related to living conditions at the open meeting next Tuesday (concise and comprehensible).

The texts with repetition of ideas and words are time-consuming for the readers who may lack patience to read through the whole assignment. In case the writing is concise and comprehensible, the text goes straight to the point and the readers get engaged into it easily. There is a long list of threadbare phrases and word combinations that make sentences cluttered up without adding anything to the content. Subsequently, the whole text appears as repetitive and boring.

Phrases and essay words to be avoided, unless necessary:

  • At that point of time …
  • As I have been trying to tell you …
  • For the purpose of doing …
  • As far as I am concerned …
  • For the most part …
  • In the manner of speaking …
  • Taking into account everything that has been mentioned above …
  • In the final analysis …
  • Be that as it may …

It is highly recommended to avoid all kinds of unnecessary words in research papers and other kinds of academic writing as they make the sentences convoluted. It seems beneficial to make the sentences sound fancy, but concise and simple writing is much more effective.

If You Write Less, It Has More Effect

All texts are to be double checked for all kinds of unnecessary repetitions, redundancies, needless expressions, words and phrases. If you can say in two sentences what you can have written in a long paragraph, it is better to shorten it immediately. Sometimes, repetitions are used to emphasize a certain point; however, if this technique is used too often the effect is negative. Do not underestimate the abilities of your readers who do not need any excessive emphasizing.