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The Main Types of Essays

During the years of studies learners write various types of essays. The most important thing is that all of them have to be written up to a standard. Preparing academic works is a common thing for students. Such assignment is often included in standardized tests. Furthermore, learners often write application papers for the admission campaign. Sometimes, students cannot distinguish between different kinds of academic projects. The point is that there is a large number of essays and it is necessary to know all the peculiarities of producing them. However, it should be noted that there are four main types of essays.

It is not complicated to differentiate between these types of essays. Everything depends on the writer’s purpose. You should determine whether the author wants to describe a certain situation, share his/her experience, or explain something. In order to understand how to write such kind of papers better, take a look at the following information:

1. Narrative Essay

This essay type usually deals with sharing personal experience. At first, writing such a paper may seem easy. However, students encounter considerable difficulties in the process. When producing this academic work, you should grab readers’ attention and make them the participants of the story. You need to make the narration colorful in order to interest the readers. Do not forget that such essays are written in the first person singular. It helps involve the readers in the story. At the end of the paper, you should make a reasonable conclusion or write a clear statement.

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2. Expository Essay

It is a piece of writing that performs an in-depth analysis of a certain subject. In order to cover the topic fully, the author presents accurate statistical data, concrete facts, and gives vivid examples. This kind of paper can be divided into the following essay types: cause and effect essay, comparison and contrast essay, and a process one. Such an academic project is based on strong arguments. That is why writers do not express their opinion about the discussed matter. Remember that it cannot be written in the first person.

3. Persuasive Essay

Unlike an expository essay, this work is aimed at persuading readers of the writer’s viewpoint. The author has to explain the causes of a particular phenomenon. However, it is necessary to provide incontrovertible facts and give clear examples. While writing such a paper, it is also useful to consult a professional on the issue under exploration and provide his/her opinion in a work. Among different types of essays, this one has to be very convincing. That is why the writer has to analyze the problem from all angles. When producing this work, avoid using ambiguous words. Information has to be presented clearly.

4. Descriptive Essay

It is a piece of descriptive writing. When preparing such a work, writers may describe a person, a particular object, or a significant event. The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed description of chosen item. The writer has to illustrate the importance of the discussed matter using various stylistic devices and without indicating any obvious details. A descriptive essay has to impress the readers and arouse deep emotions.