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What is Bravery

Some things are perfectly simple to comprehend and explain. Undoubtedly, each person can easily distinguish between a rose and a nose and provide a definition for each term respectively. Nevertheless, other concepts are much more complicated for comprehension and interpretation. Trust, sympathy, hatred, and other abstract terms belong to the concepts, which are difficult to understand. The term bravery, which might be hard to explain, is not an exception. It is not as easy as ABC to define whether a person is brave or not and, generally, to understand what bravery is.

Myriads of people stick to the idea that bravery is the same as being fearless. Unfortunately, it is a fallacy. Mostly, people go bungee-jumping, deliver a speech in front of the audience, or establish new relations due not to being unafraid but to their desire to confront their fear. Bravery expresses readiness to carry on conducting any task despite being overwhelmed. Consequently, Laurell K. Hamilton sums up that bravery is being petrified and performing everything anyhow.

Bravery is also tightly connected to self-sacrificing. In the book Divergent, Veronica Roth defines bravery as the final selfless action. The protagonist of the hardcover considers selflessness and bravery (courage) to be quite similar concepts. Courage is expressed through putting yourself in danger in order to save or help another person. For instance, we can call mothers brave because they sacrifice their sleep to console their children. Teachers are courageous because they spend their free time to refine their methodology. Firemen are brave because they rescue people from the burning houses. Therefore, bravery is giving a piece of yourself in sake for others.

Finally, brave people possess deep natural instinct. Bravery exists in the subconscious and very rarely allows a person to think thoroughly about a taken action. As a rule, courageous people never hesitate and just act. Being brave does not imply overthinking particular situations. Bravery means an instinctive action that occurs. In case you inquire a brave person why he or she performed that action, you will hear that they just do not know.

Brave people make a difference in the world. If the world were deprived of policemen, nurses, or guards, it could turn into a senseless, sad place. Bravery is a vital constituent for each person to cooperate and for the world to develop.