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How to Create a Catchy Essay Title?

“Why Do Cats Chase Mice?”, “Next Year Our Planet Will Become…”, “The Price for the Ticket to the Moon.” Books with such titles are considered to be best sellers. When choosing something to read, people usually pay attention to the heading first. It does not mean that you will sell your work, but it still should have an intriguing essay title. It will attract readers’ attention and give them a hint on what your paper is about.

Preparing a Paper versus Creating a Title

Writers do not start producing their literary compositions with selecting the headings. In some cases, they create a certain essay title which is called a working one. However, it does not mean that it is the final version. They may change it later. It just helps them focus on the topic of the work. When the project is done, authors think about how to name it.

It is sometimes very hard for students to choose proper essay titles for their papers. They spend a great deal of time trying to solve this issue. The problem is that learners want to create great headings before they begin writing their works. However, it is easier to complete the writing and then think about the title.

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Reasons for Reading a Certain Work

The major factor, that influence reader’s choice, is the heading of a particular story. Outstanding titles for essays arouse users’ interest. However, reading a thesis statement is also very useful in deciding whether a paper is worth attention or not. Usually, it is written in the last sentence of the introduction. By the way, it may also help the author create a fantastic title. Draw your attention to the following example:

The thesis statement is: “The colonies of the USA decided to rebel against Great Britain, because they were exhausted paying high taxes and living under military control.” An interesting heading may sound like this: “To Live Just to Pay Taxes” or “Taxes – Prison for People.”

Famous Phrases

We all know that it is very easy to remember some popular or funny phrases. You can use some of them to create good titles for essays. “Is It Necessary to Study to Get a Great Job” can be a wonderful heading for a paper that deals with the problems of employment among students.

The Golden Mean

“The Price for the Ticket to the Moon” is an interesting title. It joins together common (price) and unbelievable (Moon) notions. All the readers will desire to read such a work, as the heading sounds amazing. By the way, using movie titles in essays will also interest users, as all of them like watching exciting films. For example, if you are going to write about weather changes, you may create heading like “Into the Storm: Just Survive.”