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3000 Word Essay: Writing Guidelines

From the first sight, the amount of three thousand words seems enormous, especially if the writer is an inexperienced one. Approximately, this is an essay of ten double-spaced typed pages. It is a challenge even for a person who has already done a number of academic papers, as a 3000 word essay requires great patience, diligence, and adherence to the requirements and instructions. However, if a student takes sufficient time for writing and makes considerable effort, the task becomes manageable and even rewarding.

Stage 1

Writing an essay is supposed to start with selection of a proper topic that you understand completely. This seemingly obvious stage is frequently disregarded by writers who try to handle the topics they are not familiar with. They believe that popular or easy topics can be tackled without any effort from their part; however, mere looking through the materials is insufficient for providing a high quality essay if a writer has little knowledge of the subject. The most efficient approach is to choose the topic that the writer is well aware of and comfortable with.

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Stage 2

Prewriting on the chosen topic is the following stage of work on college papers. This is the most time-consuming step that implies doing research, taking notes, and arranging the ideas and materials for the first draft. It is recommendable to sort the major and supporting ideas with the help of a graphic organizer. It is also possible to make an outline that can also be helpful for organization of the paper.

Stage 3

Work on all parts of the first draft with inspiration, paying special attention to the essay introduction. Do not waste time on checking for punctuation and grammar mistakes at this stage. Sounding brilliant and flawless is not required in the first paper draft; the most essential thing is to collect all the relevant ideas and compose the future essay. If you worry excessively regarding every minute detail and incorrect word, perfection in the language means will interfere with the content and creativity in the approach. You have a goal, and you cannot let any anxiety, stress or frustration be an obstacle on your way to writing an essay. You will polish what you have written at one of the following stages.

Stage 4

Having completed your first draft of a 3000 word essay, revise the output. Read through the text to check whether it is well-organized, comprehensible and fluent. Ensure smooth flow of the ideas and make the required adjustments, if necessary.

Stage 5

Reread all the body paragraphs to add some bright details. Make the language more descriptive and vivid. Check whether the flow, style and structure of the written text are appropriate and think about adjectives and verbs that can improve your writing. Engage readers with vivid comparisons and unique choice of vocabulary. Do the second revision after having some rest.

Stage 6

Add an efficient essay conclusion and estimate the word count of the whole paper. Assess how well you adhered to the requirement regarding the length of the paper and then proceed to the following stage. Editing for punctuation, spelling and grammar errors is a crucial stage. Having met the desired word count, all the corrections are made to polish the essay. All further revisions are done to improve the paper quality.


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Writing an essay can be finalized after another break. Putting the paper aside at least for a short while, you can be amazed at some new ideas that you will get. Broaden the topic or add more details and make sure that you have accomplished the goal you have set for yourself.