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Satirical Essay Topics

Essays are the bane of the existence of all college students. While it’s true that they are time-consuming and require a lot of hard work, their effect on critical thinking and research skills is incredible. Some types of essays are quite common. During one’s academic career, a student is likely to write an argumentative, a comparison and contrast, and a narrative essay. However, other types of writing are less common and, consequently, it’s harder to find information about them online. Here are a few tips to help you out in case you are searching for a satirical essay topic.

Familiarize Yourself with Satirical Essays and Satire as a Genre

Despite what some might say, the purpose of satire is not just to ridicule society but to improve the world. Truly good satirical essays never focus on someone weaker or less fortunate. Instead, they are a way to fight those in power. The author needs to make others think and analyze the topic. After all, humor and passion are the best ways to focus people’s attention.

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Choose something that Annoys You Personally

Don’t limit yourself to current events when thinking about a topic of your essay. Anything from literature to people’s personal vices can be ridiculed. Just be confident in your position. If you are genuine, it will be easy to find things that other people can find relatable.

Focus on Traditional Targets

Criticizing religion and politics by means of satire is a time-honored tradition. Focusing on religion is relevant in cases when certain beliefs are the cause of societal ills. Political satire is a bit complicated, because it requires current knowledge of all major events, as well as their causes and potential effects. Whatever you choose, remember that satire has to be a stimulus for change instead of simple bashing.

Don’t Try to be Funny

Satirical writing is hard to balance. Its purpose is both to showcase serious issues and entertain the reader. Young writers often suffer from trying too hard. Of course, elements of wit and irony are important, but they should serve to reinforce constructive criticism, not stand as separate elements.

Use the Examples of Good Topics Provided Below:

  • Gun Control vs. Gun Violence – Whatever position one takes, the most recent actions on the part of both sides of the debate deserve criticism. Make sure to use only the most reliable sources and prepare strong arguments.
  • Even the most developed societies have homeless people – This topic is relevant because it can draw people’s attention to their own indifference and lead to positive developments.