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Blackboard Against Cheating

Online studying is a leading trend in the sphere of education nowadays. Its advantages have been proven by various reasons, especially by strengthening the connection between professors and students. What is more, it offers new possibilities for undergraduates to develop their skills. On the contrary, online learning systems do not guarantee safety regarding cheating during tests. To be more precise, it cannot be examined who exactly completes a blackboard test, and anyone can log in and do it for a certain student. Well, in this case raises a question if this way of knowledge estimation is that risk-free when it is so simple to gain access to another person’s account and pass a test.

Is There any Solution to Blackboard Cheating Awareness?

Many online education courses apply all the existing systems in order to be objective and upright. For example, ProctorU is in a great demand among course administrators. Is it really operative enough? As the experience shows, some proctoring programs can head downhill once a user turns off IP and some information on a personal computer.

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Blackboards, in a usual manner for login systems, demand a user name and a password to enter a web service. It may happen that a student shares his or her personal login data. As a result, they get in an unpleasant situation in case somebody else logs in. Such actions could be easily detected establishing this user’s IP and the exact address.

How Complicated Is It to Cheat?

Once you start using a blackboard system, you notice that you can cheat without any effort. You have a chance to let somebody log in and take your tests. Having a location turned off, you deceive a system without any problems or complications. Nevertheless, the process seems to be a foolproof and without risk of loss, it is hard to speak of its favor.

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As another solution, you can pay somebody to take your exams and get satisfying results. But are good marks a sign of great knowledge? Not always. The first thing you should care about is your self-development and establishing yourself as a professional in the sphere. You should get the full benefit of your online courses. Your participation in online studying system and going through test itself should be a part of your win-win strategy to identify your strong and weak sides. Blackboard systems offer you a great number of cool and absolutely handy options as taking part in group discussions, following various profession-oriented forums, posting your own boards, etc. So, use this perfect choice for your favor!