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Warm Up before Writing

Would you like to get to know several effective actions that can undoubtedly assist everyone in stimulating as well as encouraging their brain in order to develop productive writing?

There are significant tips regarding writing that might be called warm-ups. If you stick to them, the number of words and ideas will increase in your brain right away.

Have you ever thought that warming-up is of great importance? Frankly speaking, it solves many problems that every writer may face, for example, the writer’s block. In addition, your thoughts won’t be as slow as a snail because they will immediately come from your brain. In fact, all distractions will disappear and you can get down to the writing process.

In this post, I highly recommend you to consider a few useful warm ups so that your brain is forced into action.

Describing the Events that Are Happening Outside Your Window

I am absolutely sure that it is one of the easiest warm ups concerning writing! Actually, it means just looking out your window and writing down what you have observed for a few minutes. Apart from focusing on people, different buildings as well as the weather, try to consider what else you can see there. You might probably find something unusual. Make an attempt to guess what people are talking about, which emotions they have. Describe your observations in 5 sentences. Actually, this warm up should last nearly 15 minutes.

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Writing Several Imaginary Definitions of the Words that Are Unknown to You

My personal recommendation is to take a dictionary, then open it on any page. After that choose a word that you do not know how to define. The next step is creating an imaginary definition concerning your selected word. This process might be called playing with words. As a result, you get more and more inspired. Repeating this warm-up exercise for a few times can help you to refresh your brain and start your main task.

Describing Your First Experience

Think about what you have done for the first time. It may be your first day in university, first job or even first car. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter what you choose. The key point is that this has to be something that you have gone through for the first time. I am sure that you will make up fascinating stories. Concentrating on your feelings and emotions is the most important thing.

Pretending that You Are a Travel Writer

In order to make this step you need to get a world map. Then put your finger in a random place on the map. After that imagine that you have become a travel writer and describe your crazy experience in the chosen country. What occurred? What challenges did you face? How did you got out of that weird situation? In your story you might include various kinds of people who have different professions, statuses, ages, etc. You will undoubtedly create an interesting content.