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Guideline on How to Draw an Essay Outline

If you want your essay to be well-structured, creating an essay outline is the only feasible way out. The main purpose of the outline is to sum up all your key points and organize them in a logical manner. This way, you will have a clear understanding of what you should write about.

Creating an outline is the most important preparatory step, which enables you to organize main thoughts into single segments. Additionally, it helps you to figure out the order, in which your information should be presented.

Essay Structure

The structure of your essay depends on the type of article or academic work you are writing. As a rule, most academic tasks have a simple essay structure that does not pose any challenges to create. In general, in your essay outline, you should explain each main concept – 2 sentences per paragraph. Here is an example of an introductory part outline:


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Introductory Statement About Essay

Introduce the main arguments/topics of your body paragraphs

Present Body Paragraph 1

Present Body Paragraph 2

Present Body Paragraph 3

Present Body Paragraph X

Research Statement/Thesis Statement

Tip: Before getting down to the outline, it is vitally important to come up with a good essay title that would grab readers’ attention.

If the writer is to draft the body paragraph section of the text, he/she needs to have more segments within each body paragraph and also provide more details. For instance, the third body paragraph essay outline would look as follows:

Body Paragraph(s)

Topic Sentence (Provide the main point of the whole paragraph and give insight into what you will talk about) [1 Sentence]

Argument (Introduce the inference or theory that have been developed [1-2 Sentences]

Evidence (After putting forward the argument, you need to prove its validity. Provide proof from outside sources and explain how this information can eliminate opposing bias) [1-3 Sentences]
Concluding Statement (Provide an explanation of why your main argument is important. In other words, it is your 1 of 3 key points, which prove your thesis) [1 Sentence]

From this, we can conclude that the essay body structure will contain segments, and each segment will contain more information, which will result in the increasing length of the text and number of sentences. When performing the actual task, avoid writing out the entire sentence. In your outline, try to convey the general point you want to make, and put it in a few words.

Finally, you need to create an outline of the concluding paragraph. The main purpose of the concluding paragraph is to summarize the key points of the body and present a logical conclusion to a proven thesis statement. The outline of the conclusion can look as follows:


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Restate your thesis statement (Put your argument in the beginning of the concluding part and revert readers’ attention to its significance) [1 Sentence]

Highlight the main points of your conclusion (Tell about the overall importance of your points in relation to the value that they add to the thesis) [1-3] Sentences

Overall Concluding Statement (Explain how your thesis can be applied in the real world or its importance within your own existence) [1-2 Sentences]

To sum it up, the introduction contains 3 segments, the body has 12 (3 paragraphs x 4 segments) and the conclusion ends up with 3 more. In total, the entire outline will contain 18 main points.
These 18 segments will help you to organize your sentences and main points in a logical order, which in its turn will simplify the whole process of writing.