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The Main Social Problems of Modern Society

There are many problems in modern society, however, humanity creates many other issues trying to solve them. Consider the main problems that have arisen in the modern world.

Demographic Growth

The first problem of the society is the demographic growth that arose because of the extraordinary population increase in some parts of the world, for example, in China. Most of the problems in this country in most cases stem from this situation.


The second problem of society is the wildness and embitterment of people, manifested in cruelty, indifference, and terrorism.

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Misunderstanding of Generations

The third problem of society is an increasing gap between generations. Young people often do not hear the older generation and distance themselves from an understanding of their problems and moralizing. This problem continues for many generations and cannot be solved for many centuries.

Ecological Problems

The fourth problem of society is the growth of environmental problems. Every day, big enterprises pollute the air, water, and soil. This condition increases the number of chronic diseases around the world.

The Threat of Destruction of the Ozone Layer

The fifth problem of the society is the growth of consumption of oil and gas. Due to its burning, the ozone layer is under threat of destruction.

Infectious Diseases

The sixth problem of society is the growth of infectious diseases that occur in one part of the world and rapidly spread to other regions of the whole planet.

The main task is to eliminate all problems of society so that subsequent generations will continue to live in normal conditions. Humanity needs to pay great attention to the environmental issues, the fight against terrorism, and improving the quality of medicine. People must eliminate these problems as fast as possible, or it may be too late.