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Learning how to Wake up Early in College

I believe that waking up early in the morning can set the tone for a perfect day. For example, a calm morning may give you the feeling of relaxation. In addition, busy morning may make you energetic till the end of a day. A morning that starts with a healthy breakfast may make you feel good until it is a bed time.

All in all, waking up early has numerous benefits. In addition to feeling great, you will have more time to complete your to-do list. So, if you wish to enjoy all possible advantages and opportunities of waking up early, then it is high time you developed the following healthy habit.

Create a Go-to-Bed Schedule

It is obvious that you should revise your going-to-bed time if you want to wake up early. Unfortunately, it is impossible to develop the habit quickly, especially for the students who used to go to bed after midnight. So, it is necessary to create a go-to-bed schedule and fall asleep 15 minutes earlier every day. As a result, you will wake up 15 minutes earlier. Follow this schedule strictly and you will manage to successfully control your sleeping time.

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Decide on a Morning Routine

It is good to do something special in the morning. Choose an activity that you really enjoy, for example, watching your favorite TV-show, doing yoga, having a tasty cup of coffee, etc. This routine will motivate you to wake up early.

Think of the Way to Reward Yourself

Once you reach your weekly goal – waking up early, reward yourself for the efforts. You may do something that you do not do very often, but nevertheless, you enjoy the activity. For example, you may go shopping, visit an expensive restaurant, plan a trip to a new place, etc. Rewarding yourself will positively influence your motivation to continue the practice of waking up early.

Do not Distract Your Brain with Bright Screens

Do not use your computer or cell-phone right before you go to bed. A bright screen will increase your brain activity. As a result, you will experience hard time falling asleep.

Leaning to waking up early may be time-consuming; however, once you develop the habit, you will be able to enjoy numerous benefits. So, be patient and persistent in your attempt to become a morning person.